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    when i use the night mode some light in the cockpit are too much and they bothering in vr.. help decreasing the brightness of the cockpit but not solve

    d'u have any tips/ suggestion?

    or at least is there any way to make a profile or something like that for night mode because when is night i need to adjust all the screen all the time


    when i load the game a screen appear and ask me to install the last patch again 1.7... and ask the patch of the game

    i remember that i already happened in the past and i solved like renaming a folder or whatelse but now i totally forgot how to do..

    any tips for me please?

    P.S.: does someone know when the next patch will be released? i read somewhere that the new patch make the game faster... i've a 2080 and vr (hp reverb) and to play to maximum detail is not so good.. in city nearly impossible

    thx for all the tips :)


    i use VR and will be very good to have (i donno if is already in the game and i donno) an option to see the percentage of the power of the engine in front of the eyes, because in VR when i drive the airplane i need to look down to see how much is the engine to increase and decrease.. like 70% or 20% to slow

    any suggestion ?

    thx :)


    i'm a new user i think i need to present myself for the rules of the forum, i use VR HP G1 and i installed FS just a month ago !!! just learning a small airplane .. with vr is so cool, look so real.. unbelievable !!!