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    First off... really? I feel like you guys implemented this feature after one person complained about getting a troll review and jumped right into it. You should step back before you treat your site's users like children.

    But also, it doesn't work properly. If I download the mod and go back, I could still be locked out from leaving a rating more than 15 minutes later, as it doesn't check at the moment the AJAX pops up.

    If it were my site, I wouldn't do this at all, but since it is your site, can you at least fix it to work as intended.

    OK but making me wait 16 seconds doesn't change how much bandwidth I pull, it just changes when I pull it. The waiting is used by a lot of download sites as a "hey, sit here and watch a timer count down and think about BUYING PREMIUM!"

    If you are trying to stop high users from impacting low users, impose a rate limit on the actual transfer.

    I've noticed that over the past 24 hours the countdown timer has changed from 5 seconds (what it's been for the past few months) to 10 seconds and now 16 seconds.

    I just want you site owners to level with us: Are you preparing to make a paid membership site to get rid of the annoying timers?