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    It would be super convenient to have a program that allows you to download and install addons with one click, since both the website (web based downloads manager) and the mods (the folder structure is usually the same) are already halfway there, it shouldn't be too difficult (relatively, of course) to set something like this up, and it would make installing and managing addons sooo much easier.

    It would of course be ideal to have this available for free but since I see the servers already occasionally struggle to keep up it would be understandable to make it paid, a big Sims addon site uses a similar system where paid users get access to a mod manager. I'd personally happily pay a couple euros a month to get one click downloads and updates. I also think it would be a nice non-invasive way of paying for things like server costs while keeping the core part of the website free for everyone instead of imposing annoying artificial download limits, should it ever come to that.

    I just tried to download something and it downloaded at less than 200KB/s, earlier today I downloaded something else at that maxed out at around 500KB/s. All other websites and their downloads seem fine so it doesn't seem to be on my end, I also tried downloading with a VPN but it wasn't any faster. I am in Germany if that matters.