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    Not sure if this is in the correct place, but here we go:

    I had an idea. It's probably dumb, but if not it could set this website apart from all others.

    Why not, a windows program, made by that is basically a app-based version of this website, but with one killer feature:

    If you need more info on what I'm talking about, Think CurseForge for World of Warcraft. it allows users to browse addons for WoW and install them, as well as keep them up to date automatically.

    This is the only website I've seen that has a notification system when a developer releases an addon update, so, why not take that a little bit further?
    You could probably make it a paid app, or run ads in a sidebar inside the UI or something.

    Is this a good idea? / Would it ever be possible? / Am I an idiot for even suggesting such a thing?

    Two of my total 5 mods have ended up on that site too. (Only the two I've uploaded here, the three available from my own website haven't found their way over)…tralian-bush-trip-v1-0-0/…tralian-bush-trip-v1-0-0/

    Now i KNOW these guys are just cloning the downloads from because of the version numbers. These two bush trips are only available here and on my site, and my website does NOT use version numbers. But these allflightmods ones have the version numbers from

    I'm going to guess they either have a couple of guys watching all the modding sites and just copy/paste everything, OR they may even have a bot.

    What's really interesting is even my paypal and buymeacoffee links are on it. BUT they removed the links that were in the original description that go to my own website.

    (See comparison screenshots)

    This one line caught my attention:

    This content was uploaded by website visitors.

    That says to me that either A: They are openly admitting that someone other than me uploaded it, and/or they uploaded it themself.

    Icon has updated the 2021 model of the A5 to now come with a G3X and an optional Autopilot.

    Is there anyone that can modify the in-game A5 into a second version (Like how the C175 has both a Steam Gage and a G1000 Version), So that we can have both Standard A5 and a 2021 G3X/AutoPilot A5?

    From what i've seen on the Icon website, there's pretty much no changes to the Icon A5 except for parts of the dashboard.

    There seems to be 3 main changes: (See Image Below)

    1. The artificial Horizon between the Airspeed and Altitude Dials has been removed and replaced with a blank panel with the Icon Logo.

    2. The Avionics Display has been replaced with a widescreen Garmin G3X that also has Radio Coms and Transponder.

    3. The Radio and Transponder have been replaced with an Autopilot Panel.

    My main idea for this, would just be to copy the Autopilot Panel and the G3X out of the Xcub (As they are very similar to the ones seen in the new 2021 A5) and resize and replace the Display and Radio stack in this with them.

    But i have no idea how to do that.

    Is anybody able to take on this challenge? Or, Can someone give me super basic instructions so that I could do this? (You'd have to explain it to me like you would a 3-year old.)