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    Might be good to know: I'm using the Safari browser on an iPhone.

    Probably page is even more useable on a chrome or firefox browser.

    Sorry, haven't tested that yet.


    Here are some shoots and examples

    One example:

    I have no scrolling possibilities (inside the message box - I can only scroll outside of the box, the background)

    like I have on the webpage. In this case I received 5 new messages but have only access to the visible ones -

    in this case 2 since I cannot scroll down or even scale them down.

    I have no scaling of the box.

    Scaling is only for the whole screen but not the content of the box (but this is the dominant part where the relevant info is in)

    and btw. If phone is used upright, text remained unscaled and overwrites other elements. See user picture and text.

    Screenshot from the message area and one corrrespondence.

    This one blue box in the foreground is very dominant and

    partially covers the text in the background

    However, you are right when you say it is usable.
    Maybe I've exaggerated a bit here.
    The main problem are probably the boxes, which are unfortunately not

    scalable in themselves, but only the entire picture. Unfortunately, this

    does not make the content any clearer.

    Hello :) ,

    although I love the well-done desktop version of the website: Very modern, nice and clear,

    the website is almost impossible to use on a mobile phone. Actually a shame, but I suspect the mobile version would

    have to be designed differently so that it can be accessed easily and, above all, clearly. To write a comment or to answer

    an email is almost impossible.
    This is not a complaint, just a comment or feedback (since I'm in the feedback folder ;) ).

    It can of course be that your part never intended or is to display the site on mobile devices.

    Kind regards, Dirk

    Hi, what I really miss, is - what nowadays is very common in a forum - a info mail that there's a new (private) message in my inbox.

    and for sure even these other notification stuff like
    i.e. formward message when someone replied to your statement ... and so on....

    I can only activate newsletters - That's it.

    Even when I'm online, I have to reload the page to see that a new comment or message arrived.

    Would you like to add these features to the portal (settings).

    This would be great.

    Cheers, Dirk


    I have a technical & feaseable question, regarding the scenery map - Which I really love b.t.w. - good job.

    However, is/will it be technical feaseable for the future to see bushtrip/flightplan routes?

    Finally we know that these constist in the background of coordinates like *.gpx waypoints.

    In an OSM it seems technical possible (or even google maps) to display a route based on waypoints.

    I woud love to have/see this as well in the scenery map.

    I don't know how to setup or if you think about, but it could work in this case like you see the icon (disply all routes like the icon in the beginning might be to overcrouded),

    the user can click on and next got displayed the route on the map.

    base can be a lnm file or a gpx.

    Cheers, BWilli

    Hi guys, :)

    I would like to say thank you - "to whom it may concern" about establishing this homepage for MSFS mods and add-ons.

    There are several pages existing in the net, but this is really the best.

    It has the best structured overview and the best search. I really appreciate the Scenery Map, although it's sometimes slightly a little bit outdated but...if everything is handmade it'll take sometime. It is really great and the best overview what's available so far. Well done. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: