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    Anandtech recently released an article that pointed out problems with their CPU reviews due to an enabled High Precision Event Timer in Windows. Some Intel processors suffered from decreased performance in games and other benchmarks. Since then a lot of misconceptions are going around. People are calling out Intel as cheaters when actually the opposite is going on. We take this opportunity to have another look at the HPET bug and finally announce TimerBench, our Windows timer benchmark to the public. It provides proof behind these infamous HPET problems and helps you to test the impact of your timer configuration on your system performance.

    Thanks for your time. Covid is real trust me. its just the deniers wont catch it and then say see I told you so. yet I was in bed out cold and very hot for 8 days, luckily I had the 1st injection a week or so before so I didnt get the concrete lungs syndrome which is the thing that kills you but of course that hasnt killed 1/2 million people in Brazil or India. I know what I believe and have experienced. Anyway foggy brain aside I will keep trying and crack on with learning it no matter how many months it takes. Happy simming.

    tbh up until this new sim I worked more on xplane it wasn't nearly as complicated. using blender is confusing to me at the moment and I say at the moment as its not Alzheimer's or anything like that, I got covid some months ago and long covid has taken its place which makes you tired and forgetful. Its funny in the morning, I know I have to go to work but I have a little difficulty remembering where it is - is it the old place or the new place...... I work for the NHS and I've worked all through the pandemic and its scary when you come to a road junction and have to think if its left to that place or right to that.... I see the different steps in Blender and I've tried to write them down but writing is a bit difficult as the videos jump from one button to the other the only slow one is done by an Austrian I think and its low quality so I cant see what's what... so I just asked for a step by step guide. If I get one fine if not I'll just continue trying

    Er I'm 66 retiring in 57 working days. that's me in the photo on the left in 1971, I use Photoshop, Gimp and Paint shop Pro, I did fs9 a transportflug C47 and in FSX I have done the Dave Maltby BAC1-11 in British Eagle colours and in xplane11 I did the Carenado Embraer Phenom. I did have fspaint for the earlier FS versions and it worked to a point in FSX but with using Blender I get stuck on the swapping of modes as you go from one action to another which is the confusing part, Now is that sufficient to be deemed worthy of an answer? if not - I will continue watching the videos on YT until I get the pattern right.

    Hello, My name is Ian, no relation to Freddie Laker but its been my handle in flight sim since about 1982 or thereabouts, but anyway. I have blender and a lot of time on my hands and I want to paint aircraft from the 60's 70's and onwards before I join the choir invisible and shuffle off this mortal coil, but I have a problem... I'm going thick!, not weight wise you understand but I cannot remember how to do things so I am asking the greater or greatest community in aviation.... Has anyone got a how to, easy to follow guide on painting up aircraft liveries in Blender? The vids on YT are fast and I've tried to write down how to do it but I cant so really I would like a guide set out in what to do if someone has one. I really would appreciate a copy. If you can help, could you email me a copy to [email protected] I really would appreciate it. Happy flying. :)