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    I recently noticed that the screenshots in the Store for the US scenery update show a very detailed versio of Hoover Dam. But the dam does not show up in my sim -- nothing at all where the dam should be. Also, ne detail at all in nearby Las Vegas, such as lights on "the Strip." The Store assures me that I have the US scenery installed.

    What gives?

    I am also missing many buildings in NYC, including almost all south of 34th Street.

    Do I need to do a clean reinstall, or is there a less drastic solution? :?:

    I recently DLd this livery. Love it. Thing is, there's a big white rectangle on both sides of the fuselage that clearly suggest that a number should be there; I suspect there's a way to put one in. Anybody know how to do this?

    Thanks all,

    Mac6737 :?:

    Yes, I checked the file structures in my Community folder, and the liveries that don't show up have file structures identical to those that do.

    So, what gives? Also, Is there a known fix or work-around for a non-appearing livery?

    BTW, I do not extract directly from my DLs to Community. I extract to a place outside the sim, check the files and then move them to Community. This should work, no?

    Since yesterday, I have determined that none of the BGL files in the KGLA download is copied anywhere in MSFS, so that wasn't the problem. (No, the DL is not in Community.)

    I don't know how to do a "clean reinstall, " but maybe I have to learn. As I said, I received MSFS as a birthday present via a Gift Voucher. When I tried to redeem it, the MS Store said it was "expired." I knew that was untrue, so i went to tech support. First try, I received completely erroneous info from MS. Second try, a different operator properly shunted me to Xbox, whose excellent agent spent 40 minutes talking me through the install. I recount this here because it demonstrates that this software was never ready for release last August.

    If I uninstalled now, I have no idea how to reinstall. Folks on forums have advised me to "download from the same account used to purchase the sim," which is impossible, since it is not my account and is not on my computer.

    Probably best to leave things as they are for now. And BTW, I never received a reply or even an acknowledgement from "srinivasman," after leaving a message on the link and on her Reddit page, as well as this thread and a similar thread on


    You don't sound like a Newbie.

    This was an install from MS Store done with a Gift Voucher. (This was a birthday present; I would have preferred to wait at least 6 months -- and I was right.)

    I understand your first paragraph. Of course "the default scenery should work again," but in this case it did not. I deleted the KLGA package from Community right away.

    But I believe your third paragraph is getting to the heart of the problem. I did not mention this before, but here's the order in which things happened on Jan. 8:

    1. With the sim closed, I downloaded the KGLA package and put it in Community.

    2. Booted up the sim: Mandatory Update! At this point, I don't believe the user has any choice. Click Continue, and the update self-installs.

    3. Went to KGLA and took off to find the deficiencies noted.

    So, maybe when the sim fully loaded, it took the package from Community, but the package was incompatible with the scenery as it stood after the update. Do you think? If, so, maybe there's a .BGL somewhere that is preventing the default from displaying.

    I don't understand your advice about a new patch (in addition to its being horrendously complex and surely above my pay grade). I have never known when they release a new patch. The user finds out when he boots up the sim, and I don't believe he can proceed without first installing the new patch.

    I really appreciate your taking time with this.

    Thank you, Albert. I have left 2 messages on the developer's page on this site. No reply.

    I'm perplexed by how you found KLGA. The search function doesn't work for me, and KLGA does not show up in the alphabetical list of "International Airports."

    Excellent idea. Trouble is, the download contains no contact info.

    Also, I can't locate the file on, because there are 700 or so airport upgrades. This one was of KLGA, but the "Search" button on the site is inoperative, at least for me. If you need to do something more than typing the phrase in the box and clicking on the magnifying glass, I don't know what it could be,

    I recently downloaded this developer's scenery for KGLA, which also represented that it would improve the poor default bridges. But after the install, things were MUCH worse. Not only had the bridge superstructures disappears, but so had the new World Trade tower and many other familiar landmarks that were there in the default. (BTW, several other products from this developer have worked just fine!)

    So I shut down the sim and deleted the DL from my Community folder. But when I reopened, it was just the same! I guess the install deleted some elements of the default, but deleting the new files from the DL did not restore the default.

    How can I restore the default without a complete reinstall of the sim?