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    It sounds like an amazing idea. It's something I've thought about many times while trying to find a place to download sceneries. It's a huge mess. It doesn't seem like one website is the "standard", but from what I've gathered, this one is the biggest.

    You could also somehow make this a package of locations, where modellers could submit their work to the shared pool. And someone could make sure nothing conflicted. This would also make it much easier for people to enable/disable locations individually.

    Personally I've made folders for each country, and I use AddonsLinker to enable the countries I plan on flying in. But it's such a pain to manually download all sceneries for one location, and when stuff has to be updated... Yikes.

    I would gladly pay a monthly fee (and I'm sure MANY others would), for someone to spend time arranging scenery etc, - and maybe this could even make it possible for smaller creators to get paid a little bit?

    Something like $10-20/month would definitely be worth it for me, seeing how much time I would save. And there's thousand of users willing to do the same. That's a lot of money to be spread out to the individual modellers.

    Ps. Happy new year!