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    introSpeech=Here we go! <------ A text which is spoken by a male voice when reaching the intro screen of the mission. Or specify a WAV file. This must be put in a "sound" folder parallel to the images folder.

    I created a WAV file. a sound folder and added entry


    but nothing plays when Mission starts?

    Something iI'm not doing?

    It gets added to the package..

    Any size limit on the wav file? 17mb

    Hey, anyone else think the fonts for the POI and mission text on the screen are crappy.

    Couldn't the font be nicer , and smaller , like on the launch screen maybe.

    Or anyone know a trick to change fonts. I tried inserting HTML tags in the POI text, but that doesnt work..

    The min font text size on the Options only goes down to 18.

    Hey another west aussie, from Perth. Getting into creating Bush Missions, Thanks for the great work with BushMissionGen.. love it..

    Fly Safe :)