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    That happened to me flying in Indonesia the other day. Kept giving me instructions to fly straight into a mountain. I requested a new flight level and it stopped it. I think the atc still needs alot of work at this point. Also the vehicle traffic is also something I saw on the to be fixed list in coming updates. I have also run into this issue. I was taking off on a grass runway in FL and halfway down the runway a truck crossed in front.

    So I found myself just floating around MSFS just randomly flying mostly from areas that I was familiar with and starting to get bored. I found The Skypark add on and so far I am pretty impressed. The price was not too bad for what they claimed came with it and they are adding more. What the add on comes with is an IPad type interface where you can choose contracts to deliver goods and services from airport to airport. You receive XP and money if your successful in delivering your cargo. So far I have completed 3 contracts from airports I never would have found or thought about flying from an too. The interface tracks your flight and gives you information about the route of how high to fly because of the obstacles you may face. You can choose the straight route or you can upload a route you want to fly if you wanted to do a customized VFR route or an IFR route. It is a very intuitive interface and its easy to move around and figure out what is going on and the graphics for the interface are done very well in duplicating the IPad look and feel.

    There is a tutorial and a beginner flight to get you going. You also get a choice of plane types to fly and what is recommended to use. What is great are the addons from this site for the planes and areas help to make this addon much more immersive.

    For now they only have cargo flights, ferries, tours, and bush trips but future updates will add regular passenger flights. The choice right now is greyed out for the passengers choice as of now.

    If your a serious flyer or have had FSpassengers or other addons like this for the older MSFS I would definitely recommend checking this addon out. FYI I am a very picky addon chooser so it takes a lot to impress me since I have been around long enough to have flown the very first version of MSFS. Here is another review I had read before I bought it.

    RELEASE: The Skypark has arrived for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020! | by Parallel 42 | Dec, 2020 | Medium

    Just wanted to say hello and a big thanks for the website!!! I have been flying on MSFS for since the very early days and have dealt with many websites for add ons. This site has to be the best I have ever used. The layout, navigation, and the controls are so well done. Also the scenery map, holy crap that tool is awesome!! Thank you to all of you that are involved in running the site and all the hard work!! I am a web developer and I know what it takes to get something like this right and you all hit it out of the park. Keep up the awesome work!

    I flew over the Bahama Islands and they do look good now but they do need a graphics update. I want to do it for Nassau but never have created any custom content yet. When I flew over I took a screenshot of the harbor and it has a cruise ship but its flat. Anyone who has been to Nassau the building right behind the tail of my plane is Senior Frogs.

    Hello all I am very new to FS 2020 but I have been flying in the older FS for years. My problem is getting the add ons to work. I have bought FS through the XBox app in Windows 10. During the install made me create a folder where it installed a folder called official/Onestore There is also a community folder where I have placed one of the free addons from this website but the plane did not show up. I tried turning on the developer feature and restarted but still no show. Any help would be much appreciated!!!