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    So after close to reaching the end of the internet on my quest to add more air traffic I came across this site. I have just downloaded the SW and am about to try it out so maybe I can make the below screenshot of Hartsfield Airport a little more true to life and the world around.

    So Im flying using Skypark and running a leg that has multiple landings and takeoffs and half way through the radio just stops working. I had no options to contact ATC. I tried turning it off and on and nothing. Had to restart the sim to wake it up. Just wondering if anyone has run into this yet?

    I think its still the old one. So far its still the original airport that came with the sim so the jetways are still short of the parking. I tried to do it and again I give folks a lot of credit because I am awful at trying to redo the airport. I can program all day long in Visual Studio but I cant even make a good looking stick figure in paint LOL.

    Thats what I did. For about 2 months I was adding close to every add on that was coming out. Needless to say it crushed my load time so now I am very selective on what I have in the community folder. Also it maybe a pain but if I know what area I am flying in that day I have made up folders that I can drop into the community folder instead of loading everything for the whole world and not using even half of it on that flight.

    I flew out of salt lake international airport and it seems the jet ways do not get close to the aircraft. How easy would it be for someone who has never worked in fixing an airport in MSFS 2020? Anyone have any good tutorials that I can view to give it a shot? I use Skypark and SLC to fly so depending on contracts I fly out of a ton of different airports and I have found issues with a bunch of them like floating jet ways, floating lights, blue lights in the middle of the runways and taxi ways, etc.. I would like to try and start helping to fix these issues cause it takes away from the realism.

    So I purchased the 737 Max and I am highly disappointed so far with the plane. I know its still just 1.2 on the version but the plane just destroys my frame rate. Also the screens on the interior almost look cartoonish. It my just be me but so far with Msfs 2020 the planes that come with the game and even the A330 that project Mega have done so far are so much better. Normally I would just wait for it to be upgraded and its not expensive but I am asking them for a refund on principle. When your charging people for an add on they should make sure the quality is at least better than the free versions of planes that exist. Its kind of disappointing cause the 737 is one of my favourite planes to fly.

    I know my opinion may vary from others who are using it but just wanted folks to be aware of the frame rate issue. This is the biggest problem with the plane. I have built a whole new computer just for Msfs 2020 and have not had any lag or clipping at all even with most of the features on high and some on ultra and when just taxing and taking off its very noticeable, At this point it gets a :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: 5 thumbs down.

    First off I have tried making liveries and I am so bad at it and I have no patients so thanks to all those who are creating the liveries. I am surprised no one has made an Amazon plane yet. I was hoping someone could create one for the A320. I use Skypark as a add on and would be cool for the cargo runs.

    I did just see a new Amazon Prime skin this morning for the A330.