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    Hello Wolfdog!

    Can you confirm that the folder you placed in \Community contains files like "manifest.json", "layout.json", and folders like "ContentInfo" and "scenery"?

    Or does it contain another folder inside? See pictures below:

    This is correct:

    This is not correct:

    If you last flew on vatsim 2005 they have made big improvements since then. For example the new codec with a lot bette voice quality. I suggest you giving vatsim another chance! Being a member of vatsim scandinavia I can tell you that the controllers here are really nice. If you need help and there's not a lot of traffic 99% of them will help you. Vatsim is also really realistic, it's in the Code of Conduct that atc should follow local procedures in that country/airport.

    The one that is probably gonna be released first is the CRJ series by Aerosoft. They say that they want to get it out before christmas (Probably to get some money on the christmas sale :D) But you can expect it in the next year. Recently they announced the price aswell. The base package will cost €42 (plus local VAT) and contain the CRJ 550/700. Then if you want more you can purchase the 900/1000 model for an extra €16.75 (plus local VAT).

    PMDG are also working on a 737-800 but that got delayed to Q3 2021 or even later. This is due to the incomplete SDK. But their aircraft are at really high quality though so if you want that quality you'll have to wait ;). No price yet at the time of writing.

    There are also rumors that FSLabs are making an A320 but that is not confirmed.

    You also have DC Designs who are bringing the Concorde if you want to fly supersonic.

    This is just the beginning of MSFS2020. Hope you have something to look forward to now :)


    In the "My Downloads" section there is a nice feature that you can see what addons are up to date and which ones are not. Really handy to easily install the latest versions. But when I press the green "Update" button the download starts as it should. But then I expect the addon to get moved to the "Up-to-date" section. This doesn't happend. So for now I need to click the "View" button and download it from there to get it shown as up to date.

    Assuming this is not how it should be and that it is an easy fix.


    All my addons are totally about 32GB, and I did a test removing all of them, and that resulted in a 2 minute quicker loading time (from 4.5 minutes to 2.5 minutes). But I guess it really depends on what addon it is and what system you are running.

    Don't really have a solution to your problem, but I can answer some of your questions.

    My only other conclusion would to be to reinstall Microsoft Flight Sim, however I believe I would loose all of the items in my community folder.

    I am pretty sure when you reinstall fs2020 that all your addons, keybindings, progress in bushtrips, stats etc. are not deleted. Someone else will have to confirm that though.

    To manage all your files in your community folder I suggest "MSFS Addons Linker" by bad2000. What it does is that you can have all your files anywhere on your computer, and the program creates a shortcut to your addons in the community folder if that makes sense. I really suggest you use it. You can find it here:

    Hope this helped a little bit at least, and hope you get your issue fixed.

    I suggest going in to the "My Downloads" section and remove all the addons, both in the "Update needed" and the "Up-to-date", that you are not using. That's the way I do it. Don't really use the mod manager, in my opinion its simpler with the "My Downloads" so you can check what addons you need to update.

    Does it always do that? Because I find that it only does it for me when I log in on another device. Say I log in on my computer. If I only use the account there I don't get logged out. But if I then log in on my phone I get logged out of my computer if that makes sense.

    Also, a thought I have is that you get logged out when the devs push out an update which requires a re-login. I'm not a dev though so don't take my words in that.


    Since he made these sceneries with a Google Earth Decoder I think this is just how the scenery "is supposed to look". This is how he uploaded it and it's nothing wrong on your side, I get this aswell. So sadly this is how the scenery looks, not all sceneries are perfect.

    Hope this made it clearer.