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    Hi Staley,

    Are you talking about MFS Addon Collector?

    It downloads as a zip file. You unpack it in Windows Explorer, and there is an .msi file inside. You run that and it installs the collector.

    The other two files in the zip file with it are designed to resolve some possibly missing software on your PC. You only have to worry about them if once you've installed it correctly, it doesn't run, or tells you that one or the other of the other two apps is missing. Once you've installed MFSAC, open it and you'll find a full user manual to guide you through how you use it.

    Let us know if this resolves your issue.



    I'm somewhat confused, I'm afraid.

    When you say publish, do you mean that you have a livery you want to load into, or have you downloaded a livery that you want to use with the 154?

    If the latter, you just unzip it, find your community folder, and put the unzipped pack into it. The location of your community folder will depend on which version of MSFS 2020 that you are using.

    Here's a guide showing you where it should be:…community-folder-msfs2020

    What did you do? Were you able to see the structure of the archive? Maybe they do it differently at Asobo - I haven't checked - but it would be strange if they did.

    Did you find the two .json files - manifest and layout files?

    They are at the top level underneath the actual aircraft folder.

    I suspect (but could be wrong) that the problem here is that many of the files and directories under the aircraft top level folder have the name if the plane in their titles.

    It would certainly be well worth while checking.

    Open the copied root file. Open the manifest.json file (using notepad), and change the title should do it, and save it - it should show up as a different plane. If that works, you'll have to change the livery names as well.

    I'm only guessing, but it's worked on 3rd party addons for me, at least.

    Let us know how you go, please.

    Ditto, and re-downloading some 800 addons takes a LOT of time, but I managed it, and have kept a backup of all my archives ever since. I think that probably the biggest stumbling block against your approach would be the amount of burst traffic such a system would subject their server(s) to. This is not a commercial concern, and I think most of their sponsorship is through faith, hope and charity, and that's almost certainly the reason why they introduced the variable delay (that gets longer as you introduce more addons into your download stream).

    I think that usually a few images would help - perhaps a small image of what it looks like in real life, and what it looks like in the sim. Make it attractive to other simmers, as well as the developers. A SHORT description of what you think needs changing would probably help as well.

    And if you do have it taken up, don't forget to thank and encourage the developer -after all, it's all the reward he/she gets for all their skills.

    I already do that, after a fashion. When I'm browsing, I LEFT click my mouse, and select "Open link in new tab".

    I keep doing that on any addon that takes my fancy.

    When I've finished browsing, I'll have all the ones I'm interested in opened in new tabs. It's thin just a case of looking at each one, deciding whether to download it or not, and either closing the tap or clicking the download button. Then I move on to each one in turn, until I've decided which I want, and which I can live without. Now I have a set of open tabs, each with a "Download" button that needs clicking. I rapidly run through each one, start each download off, and then head back to the first again. Once it's actually at least started downloading, I can then either download dependencies, or close that tab.

    Looks a little complex, but I can download enough addons using this technique so that I get to the stage where it starts to ask me if I'm a human or a robot! (about 20 concurrent downloads, from memory).

    I must add, my downloads are usually well out of sync with most of the world, because I'm kicking them off in Australia, so the servers won't be carrying as much traffic as they do in the European / North American peak times.

    Um, the term fixpoint isn't one I understand, I'm afraid. This https://aviation.stackexchange…point-and-an-intersection is the closest I can get to a description, and it appears to imply that fix points aren't the same as way points, but rather are places on the route where the pilot must get a fix on a couple of wireless transmitters to check that he/she is on course.

    This; https://docs.flightsimulator.c…ight_Plan_Definitions.htm

    Appears to be a good description of how to create a flightplan, and includes the use of waypoints, and fixes.

    This: https://docs.flightsimulator.c…%2FFlight_Definitions.htm also appears to contain information that you will find useful.

    In case you aren't aware of it, this documentation is available from within the sim. Load the sim; start developer mode, and a menu of options will appear at the very top of the screen. Amongst them is SDK Documentation, which is an invaluable resource for any aspiring developer.

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

    I think what you're asking for is an addon that adds these effects to the original model. I don't know just how possible that is, given that the model is apparently from Asobo, but given that one modeller (at least) has removed the cargo pod from the caravan, and Asobo has also launched at least one model that's crying out for cargo, it must be possible.

    The most straight forward solution would be for you to study up on addons, and do the work yourself.

    There are a number of modellers out there who appear to be more than willing to give assistance, and there are a number of videos to help, as well.

    Here's a selection of what I mean:…-to-msfs-scenery-creation While this is focused on scenery building, I think it would probably be a good read for what you are trying to do, which is basically scenery design - at least, for the cargo itself.

    OK, I think that it's time for some drastic action.

    1. Close MSFS 2020 (if you're running it)
    2. Make a new directory - call it "Community Backup" (or similar) on a disk with enough space to hold all your community folders
    3. Copy/Paste all of your community files the the backup location
    4. Once you're sure that everything is backed up, delete the contents of your Community folder
    5. Restart flight sim

    Load a default plane (not a purchased one) and fly

    1. Test your mouse. If it works OK, it's not your mouse, and it's not the sim.
    2. If it doesn't work, close flight sim, and hunt up another mouse to try and repeat the test. This will eliminate the mouse as the cause of the problem
    3. If it still doesn't work OK, log in to and raise an issue with Asobo/Microsoft and wait for their response. <end>

    If it's NOT the mouse, BUT still looks like a problem with an addon:

    1. If it works with one of your mice, keep using that mouse.
    2. Reload your Community Folder from your backup, one addon at a time (aircraft first). Test each, and if the mouse works correctly, it isn't that addon.
    3. Add back ADDONS, until you have all your plane addons reloaded.
    4. If it's still OK,
      1. Add back the rest of the addons in batches, noting carefully what's in each batch.
      2. Test each batch.If the mouse fails, remove that batch and continue with all other batches until all addons are tested
    5. If you end up with one or more batches which prevent to mouse from working, split the failing batches into smaller batches and retest.
    6. Keep doing this until you have identified the addon (or addons) that appear to be causing the problem, and reload everything else that is working back into your Community folder.
    7. Retest. If the problem STILL exists, the next step is quite drastic - uninstall and reinstall Flight Sim from scratch.

    Good luck, and please let us know how you get on. Every person's problem solved can help someone else, if we know the solution.


    Oh, and the author will only update a stable addon if there is a reason to update it. The concensus appears that most people like it.

    BTW, you claimed that you commented on the issue.

    It's a pity that the most recent comment on that addon was 14 days ago, and wasn't from you. So, what gives?