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    No, I'm not one of the guys running this site - I don't even know who they are, but here is my 2c worth.

    I've been coming here since the site was in its early days, and have seen many changes since then - many of them small, some of them big - but the absolute BIGGEST change that I've seen is in the number of addons, and the number of users, who use the site.

    The amount of traffic that is going in and out of this site must be quite staggering, given the resource base of the "owners", who, I assume, are ordinary simmers like you and I.

    Do I have complaints, or rather, suggestions for improvements - yes, of course I do, and quite often if I present a good argument for a change, and if the "team" has the resources to make a change, they will make it.

    My satisfaction level is still up there where it was when there was just a handful of addons posted.

    Now, to your issues, or as I would prefer, the opportunities for improvement that you have pointed out.

    First - the time it takes to update all the addons that you have downloaded

    Interesting. I have downloaded in excess of 550 addons, and by checking back daily, I can't remember a single day when I've found that I have to update more that 8 or perhaps 9 addons that I've already downloaded. So, I take the easy way out, and open each addon to update in a separate tab BEFORE I start downloading any of them. That takes about a minute for all of them.

    Next, I go to the first tab, and have a look at what is updated, what the update is going to do for me, and Ctrl-click on the View link. I move on to the next one, until I've started the download process for all the downloads that I am updating today.

    I then go back to the first, answer any question related to the version that I want to download, or just wait until it starts to download (minimum - about 5 seconds; maximum about 18 seconds). Once the download has started, I move on to the next one, and repeat the process, until I get the last download kicked off. Once they are all downloaded, I go to the directory and handle them myself from then on.

    Total time, worst case scenario - 9 addons @ 18 seconds each, plus a couple of minutes for the original download setup, and it's cost me about 5, perhaps as much as 10 minutes, for some of the best addons for the sim, that have cost me...absolutely nothing that I haven't actually donated to the developer.

    If anything, I reckon that the site should offer a "first Class" membership for people such as yourself, and use the proceeds to improve the throughput of the site. That should suit you, and save some of your time in downloading addons, and it will also suit me, because it means that the site should stabilize, and if it gets too bad for the second class citizens, i can always consider going to the first class option. I think that given the wealth spread of our membership, being from the very young, through the earning population, and right up the very old, often of limited means, and perhaps tailor a membership scheme for each of these, and perhaps other, category of users.

    The easiest is to look in the Aircraft section (5 below "Liveries", where you may or may not have found the Spitfire liveries).

    Another way is to look at the size of the addon - if it isn't very large, suspect that it's a Livery.

    If you can't find it there, or in a similar location on another flight sim site, it's probably payware - just like the Spitfire that's available in the store inside MSFS 2020.

    Here is a representative sample of what you can get from the website.

    These are from…-2021-development-update/ but generically, if you go to and scroll down, you'll find a page of these (and more) for every upgrade to the sim.




    You'll also find posts like this…us-flighting-opportunity/ which deals with just what you are looking for information on.

    To be fair, is a dedicated add-ons site, and I reckon that it does a good job in that role.

    But if you want support for the Sim itself, I'd recommend you go and dip your toe into, which is the official Microsoft/Asobo site, and where you can find the answers to most of your direct MSFS2020 questions - either by using the News pages, the FAQ page, or the forums. And if you have a problem that you can't resolve WITH THE SIM ITSELF, you'll most certainly find that is the place to rummage around for your answers.


    I've been trying to help a user searching for Static AI, and rather than spell out everything that I've posted in my response to him, I'll just direct you to Search Function

    Bottom line is I tried using the Search function, and looking for Static AI, or just static, was just about useless.

    Static is used in many addons, probably well buried in the description somewhere.

    The original author had listed his addons as being "Utilities - Miscellaneous". I suspect that they would probably be better suited to somewhere in "Scenery - Libraries", or perhaps "Scenery - Others", or even better, perhaps "Scenery - Static AI"

    Thanking you in anticipation

    Hi gryper,

    There are 3 new Static AI packages on the site. For some reason, typing Static into the search doesn't find them, but if you search on FSMM, they will come up for you. I suspect that if these are successful, he/she'll be making some more in the coming weeks.

    Attention Mods

    - is there a problem with the search function? Using this search I found 2 of the 3 packs of static aircraft by scanning through (currently) 17 pages of results! I never found the third package. By using this search: I found all three straight away. But I shouldn't have to plow through 17 pages worth of (mainly) POIs and other random scenery and other packs to find just 3 packages, just because I don't know the author.

    It appears that the search is a simple dump of all addons that have the word or words that you input. putting static ai in quotes ("static ai") finds nothing as does "Static AI" or 'static AI'. And quite honestly, relizing that these would be under "Utilities" "Miscellaneous" appear to be a long bow to draw, but probably the ONLY category that the author could find that wasn't, well, just wrong! I'd suggest that these are akin to Libraries, rather than utilities, and

    Can this be made into a more useful search - it must be really difficult, especially for these non-plane/non-scenery/non-landmark type of entry. Perhaps with Sheds, etc, in Scenery Enhancements - Libraries would be more appropriate, or even perhaps a new tag under Scenery Enhancements

    it's supposedly slated for an October release, so it can't be too far away.

    That date was for supply the OEMs for inclusion in their Christmas offerings to the market. Update version isn't slated until some time in the new year, so MS could release the OEM version, and STILL make mods that would be rolled out as updates. in January (or later). The OEM doesn't have to have ALL the internal bells and whistles of the final release for update - it just has to work, and that's what we're seeing with it right now.

    It looks as though MS have turned W11 into a moving target. The compatibility app that was available a couple of days ago has been withdrawn, and it has been pointed out around the traps that some series of processor that are marked as not capable of running 11 have exactly the same specs as those that are capable, in terms of the security features listed by MS as absolutely essential for W11. Looks like someone at MS decided that 5th, 6th and 7th Gen CPUs were getting a bit old, and by some scare tactics, a lot of users may rush to get new kit especially for W11. So yes, the jury is still out on W11.

    My main concern would be if MS decided that you had to have gen 8 or better to run Win 11, and that "suddenly" Win 11 was necessary to run MSFS 2020! Now, that would suck for a lot of people!

    11 isn't finalized and isn't ready for release yet, and I expect that Asobo etc will hold off making any op sys specific changes until 11 is finalized.

    I'm 100% digital. But I have to side with ToyneFire a bit. I'd like to have discs so that if the servers are down I can still fly. If they are down, or my internet is down, I can't fly. It sucks mostly as a developer. Checking your paints and you can't fly, puts it off a few hours to a day.

    I have my own opinion on game/simulator, that I'll keep to myself. As for min specs, I kill all of them. My internet speed is above 750mbs.

    You CAN still fly, but only in cached areas. You can specify which area/areas you want to store downloaded on your HDD/SSD, and provided they aren't too huge, you can fly them with the servers down.

    Am I right in suggesting that what you want is a mod to the Cessna 182 with a more powerful engine? If you are, then you should look to see if anyone actually modeled the 182 for FSX / P3D, find someone willing to port it to MSFS 2020, and then someone to mod the engine.

    Good luck - it's almost certainly within the scope of MSFS plane modellers.

    If you would settle for an up powered Cessna 172, that has probably already been modeled.

    Alternately, the Cessna 182/Carenado is available for sale in the MSFS store.

    It may help your cause if you could find a suitable FSX model to import / convert.

    I think that this IS the lazy way out. Once you've assigned a profile to a particular plane, it will stay with it until you decide to change it, so for every day flights, there is no chopping and changing to do. You make your changes just once, then set it and forget it.