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    Any chance you could add "Water Runways" as a tag for airports?

    There's been a lot of interest with people looking for airports with water runways, and it would be nice to have this available as a tag (it doesn't seem like we can create our own tags) so people can search for them.

    Hi, somebody just pointed out I zipped up the wrong directory. I've been working on it all week and didn't check the contents of the zip file (it looked fine, the right directory name was inside). Is there a way to mark an update to an upload so people get notified with a message, as opposed to having to check their "My Downloads" page.

    I'm so embarrassed I made this mistake.

    Edit: Sorry, looks like it was a bug in Firefox. I didn't try it prior, but, I checked "About Firefox" and it applied an upgrade (normally that's done just when I start Firefox?), and then tried to download, and now it's working again.

    Hi, like Wint3rstellar, I, too, can't download with the content blocker turned on, the countdown shows the first number and never continues. I'm using Firefox. When I turn the ad-blocker off, the countdown starts if I refresh.

    I definitely got a pop-up ad when I came to the download page a couple of times. And it wouldn't download till I clicked the pop-up window away. Usually, it's just an ad under the countdown text. But those pop-ups really bummed me out.

    thanks for responding.

    I do get a warning that I'm using an ad blocker when I click on a secondary download file. That's been happening for a couple months at least.

    Is it possible I have a virus in Firefox? I'm using uBlock Origin 1.35.2 extension. I'll see if there is an update.

    Edit: I checked, it's the latest version.

    Well, it's been fun guys, but, now that you've blocked the ability to download if users are using an ad blocker is pretty much going to drive me away. Normally I'll turn it off for pages like the and many others where I'm interested in supporting the page. In fact, on those pages, the ads they are using are interesting, and not intrusive at all. Here, when I turn the ad blocker off, I get stuffed with popups and ads that overtake the page and it makes it not fun anymore.

    Let me know when you decide to place your ads in less intrusive ways, find a way to make them at least interesting to me, and less spammy. You've now reached the status of a total spam page with your presentation of ads. Sorry. I am usually interested in supporting pages I use a lot. but this is awful.

    (Umm, it looks to me like the download button is above the image gallery, and to the right of the current image, unlike what the news says?)

    Any chance that can be made smaller. I can't say I'm a fan of the cropped pictures, especially so much. I do like not having to scroll for the download button.

    Maybe put it above the images?