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    So next time anyone wants to quote me laws and point to so called western "free" nations

    The "I'm from a free country" argument. You are not.

    You have personal rights and freedoms guaranteed by laws but there are things you are banned from doing or owning also based on laws. No matter where you live, this is a fact. If a website sells Kinder Eggs to a kid in the US they will get in trouble. If a website offers the download of Nazi imagery in a country where it is banned they will get in trouble. It is very simple to understand and there are no moral judgements needed. It is a set of rules that this website needs to follow to remain open to those countries.

    For the racing sim Assetto Corsa, I downloaded a livery for the Auto Union Type C driven by Bernd Rosemeyer in the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup. The real car had the Nazi flag on the side. The livery creator put the red flag and white circle but no swastika. As I was going to be driving it on tracks that recreate the look and feel of vintage tracks, I added the swastika myself as it would be historically accurate. On Il-2 I like my Luftwaffe aircraft to have historically accurate markings as well. With this Ju 52 I am flying it in a recreation of the modern world. In the modern world vintage planes do not have a swastika, I prefer it accurate. So anyone claiming they want the swastika for accuracy may be looking at it much differently than I do.

    If you simply must have it in a modern setting, just get the livery and add it yourself. I didn't rail against the Assetto Corsa mod site for having a censored car. I understood the laws they have to deal with and did it myself.

    It seems the over sensitivity of the younger and spoiled generations of todays cancel culture have claimed another victim. Turns out, tyranny is only ok if it's done by communists or by the likes of our current oh so caring western leaders than stole all of our liberties away over the past 2 years.

    Wow, one of the most delusional things I have ever read. Even the surviving Luftwaffe planes from WW2 don't have the swastika anymore. Look at them flying in any airshow. This did not happen in the last two years.

    Before you get wound up in entitlement, this website has to abide by the laws of ALL COUNTRIES that it wants to remain available too. Allowing Nazi imagery would jeopardize their ability to be used by people in many countries. (Germany, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, France and Russia for a few examples.)

    Having the site cut-off from people in those countries would be much, much worse then not allowing a much smaller number of people to live out Nazi fantasies.