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    I know most creators provide instructions etc on the download page however few include these in a text file with the download. I understand that I could just take a screenprint of the download page, (which I do already) but it would be most convenient if a text file could be included. No big issue here just a suggestion. :)

    X-CSL's are used for X-Plane only (I think). For MSFS on vPilot you need .vmr files. There are a few .vmr file libraries in the downloads (i.e. search or google British Avgeek) however to best of my knowledge there are currently no .vmr files for either of these copters. I have created a basic .vmr file for the H135 however whilst it generates a H135 (EC35) it generates a random livery. I have attached a link to a copy of my .vmr file and also a set of instructions on the subject. I make no promises or guarantees if it works it works, if not just delete. If you follow these instructions and enter aircraft type EC35 even if you are flying the 145 at least others who also follow these instructions will see a helicopter which is better than seeing a C172 hovering around ;) Please read the instructions all the way thru before doing anything because instructions for H135 are at the bottom.


    vmr file

    This post is about donationware not demos of payware so maybe has gone a tad off track? Personally I have never seen any donationware that related to demos of payware either time restricted or feature restricted. I think the two issues are unrelated and combining them in this thread is confusing. So I go back to my original comment that if an addon is a free full version that does not have any locked or partially locked features, then a request (NOT a requirement) for a donation is acceptable and reasonable.

    How the moderators handle payware or payware demos restricted or otherwise is another matter; after all the website has to pay for itself somehow.

    As topic title implies I wish to know what is contained in a bush trip download. The file descriptions talk about flight plans but do not mention scenery addons etc. Am I correct to understand that that is all they are, flight plans for use in 2020?

    There are a number of addons available covering the same area i.e. Sydney Harbour Bridge, various Melbourne landmarks etc. Can scenery be added and deleted from the Community folder without having to restart the program each time? This would facilitate choosing which scenery suits my system the best. Thank you and have a happy and safe 2021.

    I have this problem also with YBCG Gold Coast Airport however I do not have any problems with the same developers scenery for YBBN. Computers are strange animals. One thing I have read regarding melted scenery is that all the Level of Detail type settings have to be set as high as possible. i.e. flying from YBCG to YBBN all the high rise buildings will take some time to resolve if details settings are too low. I have experimented with this particular coastline and it's high rises are just melted blobs and triangles if you zoom in on them and/or if your details settings are too low. Even with all your settings at highest, MSFS does not appear to "like" zooming in on buildings from a distance.

    Donationware is officially defined as: "a licensing model that supplies fully operational unrestricted software to the user and requests an optional donation be paid to the programmer or a third-party beneficiary". We are referring to addons that (partially) lock features behind a donation such as only including a section of the scenery for free or only providing support (updates) when a user donates.

    So if an addon is a free full version that does not have any locked or partially locked features, then they are allowed? I hope so because if a free addon is good enough to attract donations in the first place, then that would encourage the creation of more top quality freeware.