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    Ok, you got me. That's a strange policy though. 'A demo is allowed as long as it's not a demo'.

    In my opinion putting a time constraint on a mod to make you buy the full version is worse than locking features to make you buy the full version.

    Yup, it would be best in my opinion to create an aircraft section in the menu on the same level as 'Scenery' and 'Utilities', and create a subsection for native and custom models on the same level as 'Tweaks'.


    Though, I would different categories than your suggestion:

    * native

    * freeware

    * payware (note that these are just links to the actual store pages)

    And then the mods and liveries are subitems on these pages.

    So for example, if you open the page Aircraft/native/A320neo, you get the liveries for this aircraft and the FBW mod.

    If you open Aircraft/freeware/[free custom aircraft] you get the download link as well as liveries for this aircraft.

    This is in my opinion a healthier presentation than the current one, where we create a submenu for every aircraft, including freeware aircraft like the Canadian mods.

    It's best to contact the developer here if you have issues:…ms/ai-flight-planner.100/

    I don't know if the program is really looking for 'ApData' or if you made a spelling mistake? (it works for me)

    The folder is actually called 'appdata' and is hidden for you. To access it you need to type '%appdata%' in the addressbar of Windows Explorer. (without the quotation marks of course)

    (and then go one level up to find the 'Local' folder.)

    Is anyone interested in creating a mod that gives us the option to fly the King Air 350 with the old cockpit?



    It was my favorite aircraft in FS2004, and I'm a bit sad everything is so digitized in the new MSFS.

    I don't know how hard this would be, or if you'd be able to use the gauges of other aircraft to achieve this. I'd be very grateful. :)

    If you need inspiration, I'm a member of a music database site. (; it's in dutch)

    Here members can suggest changes, which are reviewed by mods before they are accepted.

    It could also help with consistently tagging all mods. I see not everyone uses the Google earth tag for example. (possibly to avoid hiding the donation button?)

    It would be good to have every mod tagged with in-game models only/handcrafted/google earth model. (and then we can filter these tags if they are consistently available) Right now people use them as they see fit.

    Or coordinates, not everyone seems to be using them.

    You should not mess with the MSFS file imo. I think editing it will not show any changes anyway.

    You can find the traffic file in the Official/OneStore folder (or Steam folder I think) which is on the same level as the community folder.

    Therein you should look for a folder called fs-base-ai-traffic. Therein there are 2 files, one for aircraft and one for boats.

    To disable the standard traffic, I just added .xxx after the extension. Though the file gets redownloaded after an update.

    You can also just add your own traffic files on top without altering this file. It will show both the generic traffic and yours, but at least you don't have to mess with this file every time.

    For the custom traffic, I use AIFP. I guess you already know this software since you made traffic for FSX.

    This software autodetects your MSFS aircraft, and lets you create flightplans with the standard aircraft as well as your custom ones.

    It also auto installs your traffic file in the correct folder. (first compile your traffic, and then in the files menu, mount it)

    To avoid the necessity of adding .xxx every update to the standard traffic file, I made this wish:


    I keep myself up to date by checking the 'recently added' list. This list conveniently shows a yellow 'v' for objects I already own but now have an update available, or a shopping cart for objects that already are on my wishlist.

    But there is no easy way of knowing if I already have an alternative.

    Sometimes there are 2 mods available for the same airport, or one mod including some hand crafted buildings in a city, while the other has photogrammetry for the entire city.

    Can we have a tag showing that we already own the alternative mod? (or have it on our wishlist)

    Alternative mods could also be added to the bottom of the mod page.

    You could let the community label mods as alternative mods to reduce the workload for moderators. (or let them flag it, so mods only have to check it)

    Please upload the airports individually. :/

    If somebody makes another pack that overlaps with yours, I have to choose.

    Or if someone makes a single airport from your pack but better, I have to choose.

    I don't want to choose between packs or a pack and a single airport.

    Would there be any interest in this by enough modellers to make this work?

    Right now there are dozens of people working on scenery airports.

    Sometimes 2 people are working on the same thing, while it would be quicker if they worked together.

    Sometimes one excels at the buildings, the other at approach.

    Sometimes one creates a selection of VFR objects for an entire region which conflicts with another addon for a specific village.

    I think it's clear that an open source project is beneficial to the community.

    Or are we blinded by the donations and fame? :/


    How would it work: (in my eyes)

    The open source project is split in several downloads, so the users can pick what kind of scenery they want.


    At the basis there is the terrain. This is a necessity for it all to work. Anyone who wants to use the package needs this mod.

    The other modellers have to be on the latest version of this at all times.

    I think the current mod for terrain fixes in the north east of the USA has a fairly small filesize? So I guess we could make a single package for an entire continent, or the entire world without much trouble?


    I would split this in various packages, based on location and type of flying.

    When a single package is becoming too big, we could split it further.


    I would probably split it to this size:

    Benelux / Germany / Canada, Quebec / USA, Florida, Georgia, Alabama; (note: these are 4 different packages)


    Big airports for airliners / General Aviation airports / IFR Scenery (so mostly big items near big airports / VFR scenery (anything else)

    That way the user can decide what kind of detail he wants.

    my view on some rules: (of course open for discussion)
    don’t go overboard with the polys on a single building. It should have a decent FPS for everyone at all times.
    Photogrammetry should be avoided as much as possible. (it often looks bad and is bad for performance + loading times)

    Would there be any interest in this kind of project?

    I guess there is interest in this from a user POV, but are there devs willing to commit to this?

    Perhaps we could start with a local test project for a month or two? (EG Benelux / Germany / France / UK packages)


    Of course, there could be individual cases where users could want a single mod instead of our big package for a single airport or so.

    In that case we could set this package as lowest priority so that other mods load on top of it/delete our items for that location.

    Yes! Don't do it! (I beleive ORBX does it too? ugh..)

    Anyway, in the mean time, I created a wishlist topic related to this some time ago:


    It got zero attention. Please vote for it.

    Some people like the static aircraft, otherwise they wouldn't do it. So my suggestion is:

    let them label it as 'static aircraft'. We have a slider for 'ground aircraft' in the sim. Setting this to 0 should remove the static aircraft.

    These folders and files you show here need to be one level lower.

    So you create a folder, call it whatever you want and drop the items in your picture inside this folder.

    With the 'one click placing' you don't have to place it. It floats where your mouse is.

    But even if you had to place them, isn't that still quicker than loading it all in MCX? Is it possible to load multiple things at once in MCX?