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    Hi Straley. I do not know about MFS collector but sometimes there are two scenery/airplane folders, one within another. Just make sure of this and move folders out of their "shell" if necessary. Make sure that you are putting your stuff into the correct community folder too as I noticed I have two packages folders on my laptop.

    I got some help from steam users and realised I had not switched on my online functionality. Once I did that the buildings appeared. The trouble with an old phart and long time user of every other sim like me is that we tend to jump in without reading or analysing anything new. :)

    I just bought the sim a couple of weeks ago and the strip in Las Vegas does not show up on my rig either. I am wondering if you have to go on ultra settings to see it?

    I think maybe the only solution would be to select another airport for your AI to fly to. Hopefully on or near the original flightpath so you can still record the pictures you want. I found that filming whilst the plane is on auto pilot can be a bit tricky in other sims too. For example in Wings over Flanders Fields I watched my entire flight of 3 planes pile into the ground as the elevation data had obviously not been programmed into the flight plan. :(

    Merry Christmas all. I do not have an XBox not did I get one for Christmas, but when I bought this game through steam it seemed to think I do and I had to log into to play it. I now get a lovely graphic of the XBox game controller on my screen once MSFS loads up, and my username of Zester has been changed to DANKERPARROT16! Not so thrilled with this but I guess I can live with it. I have the Game of the Year edition bought through Steam. Is this normal? :)

    Thanks for the responses guys. I will continue to fiddle about with John's addon managers and get used to this program for a few weeks however, before I venture online. Have a great Christmas.

    Hi All, I took the leap and bought MSFS on Steam the other day and so far have also bought from ORBX Landmarks Adelaide, Parafield Airport, Sydney CBD, Landmarks Brisbane and also Auckland as well as the NZ mesh. Anyway, I come from other sims and am trying to work out the directory structure with this new one. My other flight sims often have a sim directory in the documents folder where you can put your add ons such as aircraft and 3rd part scenery. Could someone please point me in the right direction. :)