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    F-18 Hornet is definitely my favorite airplane in the sim so far. But I'm having an issue that makes it almost unusable for me (at least - creates a lot of discomfort). The issue is that switching between FIXED LOOK and FREELOOK (using middle mouse toggle) in F-18 works differently than in any other airplane.

    Take a look at the following screenshots:

    1 - FREELOOK. Everything is ok, the camera is in PILOT mode:

    2 - FIXED LOOK. For some reason camera mode switched to HUD:

    This unwanted camera change (includes FOV and position) happens only in this airplane. Is there a way to disable that? Maybe by manual editing of some cfg-file or something like that? Can anyone create a 'mod' for that? Any ideas of how to fix that annoying issue are highly appreciated.


    PS Please share you thoughts on that 'feature'! Does anyone also have it or it's just me?