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    I assume you've solved this by now but if might be the texture path when you export, and use the correct blender versions. I ignored the recommendations and upgraded blender and thought I'd got away with it but within a few models I get the same error as you. I now use 2 versions of blender ! one for editing, and one for exporting !

    Well its true thats its a bit broke, the compiler is silent in message reporting now, i have some issues where the polygons stops reacting to changes ( particularly terraforming ) - I can be happily adjusting things then all of a sudden the changes have no more effect.

    I open and edit the scenery in DEV mod, close the project ( leaving the sim running, them pop back to my desktop and drag the project .xml file over the fspackagebuilder. when thats run, i pop back to the sim and open my project.

    This removes any need to exit the sim, and removes all the cache problems that others have reported.

    so really, its just a couple of steps and only the compile time, no exiting MSFS