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    Hello pilots,

    Question: have any of you worked with the stream deck? If so, what experiences have you had and

    how difficult / easy is it for an absolute 'noob' to install and set up the MSFS2020 in the stream deck? Thank you very much

    times for the answers, your Gandalf from Thuringia :thumbup:

    So dear JohnG, what I received as Hah comforts me immensely. The translation is easy to understand and me

    I am looking forward to getting to know you on this way.

    Hello dear amateur pilots,

    I'm the Lumpi49 but actually the Gandalf everywhere else. In the meantime I have reached the proud age of 72 and

    about a month ago. discovered aviation. Two years ago my children visited the original flight simulator on the

    active pilots are still being trained today (Frankfurt / Main Airport). That's when the idea came to me

    downloading a flight simulator, but never found anything clever. Well, the salvation now has been MSFS 2020. since

    I can hardly be separated from my PC. I hope to receive a lot of tips and tricks from you in the course of time

    maybe one day to become a tolerable hobby pilot. I find it really difficult to speak of English in aviation,

    but as I always say, practice makes perfect. Since, as I said, I don't speak any English at all, I'll leave this thread from one of them

    Translate translation program. Maybe you will give me the opportunity to communicate here in German?

    Until then, your 'newcomer', Lumpi49 :saint: