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    Hello!, i wonder if anyone there can repaint the default 747-8i in the colours of Aerolineas Argentinas (late 90's) and Souther Winds (early 00's). Both Airlines used the 747 and there are plenty of photos around.

    I am willing to pay for them also, just PM me.


    WOW, you are PAi guy???!!! O_O, i have been simming since fs2000, i was so much into ai in the past, i was an ai freak! :P

    I ABSOLUTELY agree with your point, and i think it is fine to treat this type of simbols the way they are treated IN SOME PLACES. The last part of my comment was directed more towards what turbo said, because he is right regarding freedom of opinion and beliefs, but that he ALSO must respect that FOR OTHER people too, many of those people live in places where events happened particularly harsh, they affected society differently, or both; and that does not mean those people are being hypocrites or anything, it just means that, "they had it SO BAD, they do not want anything with it anymore".

    Maybe this person could had uploaded the scheme anyway, and show the pics with a non swastika version,, even if you do get a version with it? (is that permitted?), but again, does that means the other guy should had done that with his MiG-15 scheme?...

    I recently received a message regarding a paint I did for the Mig-15 in Russian colors, that the writer was of the opinion the this was a criminal regime, that my paint offended him, and asked me to delete it.

    If I have to delete something because of that, I might as well delete all military paints, since I am sure there are people in say Vietnam that are offended by American paints, or in Algeria that are offended by French paints etcetera... so no, I do not delete things for individual grievances.

    However, I do understand that a website that operates internationally prefers to try and not break any laws in the countries where it operates, no problems there. I may not like it, but I can respect that decision.

    I am Argentinian, my maternal uncle fought in the Malvinas War, does THIS means that my country, family or relatives offend people from the UK or The Commonwealth?, or that Argentinian sceneries or paint schemes offend them?

    Why we do not ban every possible type of image that *COULD* be considered offensive to somebody then?, sure, sure, lets all use primer coloured planes!

    Are you people following me?, i understand turbo, but turbo should also understand that different countries have had different experiences, and it is the same with people. It does not means that they are hypocrites or that they embrace censorship, it means that certain stuff had a heavy impact on their society.

    Here we always had a "thing" for British stuff, and there are no "hard feelings" towards British people, yes, we had a war with them, but that was in the past, and it was, really, because some dictator was desperate to remain in power...