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    Ok, a few days ago, I bought Red Wing Simulations LSEZ Zermatt heliport. Beautiful scenery, except for one big problem. The helipad itself is not a hard deck. Helo goes right through it to the ground. I have sent messages to the developer, posted about this on Discord, and at least two other forums. Not one single response.

    Does anyone know if there is a fix for this, and if not, is one being worked on?? Thanks, Pete

    Thanks again, John, for your reply and suggestions. I followed your directions, but my problem is that I can't recall the name of the scenery, nor its location, geographically. I have tried doing searches on for various terms, i.e. "Dam", "River", "Tower", "Rappelling" etc.., all things that I remember as being part of the scenery. I also believe it had a heliport, which I have done searches for as well. I know I probably have downloaded it, but just haven't found which one it is!! I ran MFS Addon-Collector AND Addon-Linker, poring through all the names and available screenshots, hoping I would either recognize a name, or something in a screenshot. Not all of the addons ,of course, have screenshots. Oh well, maybe for some reason, the scenery I am looking for will get updated, and will popup on Pete

    I download a LOT of sceneries from, as in almost a Terrabyte so far! I swear I am "addicted" to that site. I try my best to categorize each download immediately, or I forget what it is. All too often, the authors of each scenery don't label the name of their files to accurately indicate what they are, so I make note of it and usually rename it with the airport ID and name. But in this instance, I forgot to do that. Last night I looked through probably a couple hundred listings on last night, trying to find it so I could rename it!!

    All I remember was a really cool looking area with a river flowing through it. There was a dam, and (I think maybe a small waterfall on the river?). Also a tower that was mentioned in the description as being used for rescue rappelling training? There was a railroad track going through a tunnel, under the tower.

    I have given up trying to locate it, but just maybe someone on here has it, or saw it listed?? Thanks, NC :thumbup: