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    Payware? Is this a new direction for I purchased London International Airport, and it is well done. I know the amount of work that goes into airports because I'm a "Freeware" creator for this site. But I'm miffed. It is the "Freeware" that has grown this site. It is the "Freeware" creators that have done so much to make this site so popular. If Flightsim is now offering "Payware" and especiallly if it is getting compensated for it, as in a cut of the price, then perhaps it is time for us "Freeware" creators to get something too.
    My suggestion? Get rid of the cup of coffee etc.. no body gives anything.. Instead should create a points system for "Freeware" creators so that creators can get some of those "Payware" airports or planes for free. They could also use their ponts to get merch, coffee cups, Tshirts etc.