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    Just wondering if anyone knows how I can create animated emissive textures for skyscrapers at night. Seen this in a bunch of addons (e.g.,

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    My guess is that they are using keyframe animation for uvs or swapping emissive textures. Not sure if anyone here has tried and can confirm it.


    Hi! I create addons based on 3d warehouse models. Basically I download them, fix any mesh and texture problems, create PBR and emissive textures for them, and import them into the game. There's no question of originality because I made significant modifications and I literally painted all the night textures myself according to the data I collected both in person and online.

    I see that according to the rules of the forum I need permission from the original creators of the models in order to redistribute the models, but there's no contact info in 3d warehouse so there's seems to be no way I can contact the modelers for permission.

    In that case, does that mean I shouldn't upload my addon? Or if I credit the authors it should be fine?

    I attached a screenshot of my Shenzhen addon for reference. A mixture of models of my own and others.