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    The person I found who had successfully ported a freeware Lancaster has now reported an update has "broken" it and he's not yet managed to get it to work again. However a Lancaster is now on the list of "upcoming" aircraft, but the version mentioned (NX611) is the one displayed at West Kirby, and there's no mention of any of the 617 versions.


    I'm looking to redo in MSFS 2000 work I did in FS-X on the 617 Dams Mission.

    I'm participating in a presentation in my local history group, with a gent who's written a book on our countrymen who served in various 617 WWII missions.

    Yes, a Lancaster is on the list (though from what you've said I shouldn't look for it here). My effort to convert my FS-X Lanc using a freeware utility has failed, although I've seen mention of someone else who's managed it with an earlier freeware Lancaster.

    Thanks for the tip - I've put in a request on the scenery page you nominated above..

    The World Update VI of Germany does a great job of showing the large Dam Lakes/"Sees" - the Mohne, Eder, and Sorpe, but the actual Dam Walls and Towers (for the Mohne & Eder) are missing. Can someone build them and make them available here?

    Also, I see that the earliest Date that can be selected in a Mission Setup is 1990. Is it possible for this to be modd'd at least back to say 1939 - to enable accurate depiction of wartime missions... ?

    Thirdly, is there some way to have a mod which will turn off ground lighting, to simulate a wartime blackout for cross-countries?