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    I altered some settings already under CONTACT_POINTS before you posted.


    max_speed_decreasing_steering = 25

    max_speed_full_steering_castering = 10.43

    max_speed_decreasing_steering_castering = 60

    Seems to work without editing the castering angles. Borrowed some values from flight_model.cfg of an updated F15. Aircraft doesnt veer as much. However, ones ability to turn left or right when taxiing becomes hindered. So in this case, we need to find another way to make the aircraft turn left or right. How can we do such a thing? Increasing rudder parameters under FLIGHT_TUNING has some effect but increasing to much causes the aircraft to get stuck in the ground.

    @SkyyStorm Im flying the xfa-36a. It has an issue where you slow down, you literally have to fight with it so it doesnt veer to the left or right when taxiing as you slow down. Do you know which settings and where to alter them? Do you have an idea? This is not a wind condition. A configuration issue. The aircraft is still in development (beta stage) as well.

    JohnG My joystick works pretty good. Ive switched configuration files from other aircraft with the xfa-36a as a test and it was more stable when inflight. I dont think joystick/yoke calibration will fix the issue.

    When I'm taxiiing and slow down, the aircraft im piloting veers either to the left or right. It doesnt go straight. Could one confirm which .cfg file I edit and exactly which parameters I have to change to make taxiiing an enjoyable experience? I can send my config files if requested. This aircraft also has out of control drifting when taking off or landing. Any ideas on what to change? Thanks in advance for your support.