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    After the 2 updates of the Garmin NXI, it works now and has a pleasant surface, but the stutterers in front of the landing strips are increasing. Not so with the original version. That would finally have to be reported. Actually, this belongs to the developer's side, but they seem to be reading along here too. But I avoid logging into multiple platforms. So please forgive me!

    Holm and broken rib! ;)

    Now let's try something:

    There is a trick you could try to use by yourself, that could fix this problem, by adding one line into the "texture.cfg" file, which you can find in each aircrafts main "TEXTURE" subfolder.

    Hello, I see you know their way around very well! My question to you: Is there any way to permanently hide the aileron and elevator controls in the cockpit view? (Cessna 172) I find it tedious to click away every time ... Thanks!

    OE8KMK To get rid of that warning. Fire it up and then close it down properly, I think its starting to remember that it crashed or something in your pc didnt like it.

    I tried everything, but the input (mousewindow) of the altitude is always at 99000ft. . The wished height shown in blue over the altimeter, however, a correct input is possible!

    The old Garmin works perfect, therefore I deinstalled new Garmin...

    Hola !!! Me gustaría saber si alguien más además de un usuario y yo tenemos el mismo problema, con el C182 (imagen adjunta) y por otro lado también me pasa el problema de la altitud en 99000. Alguien encontró la solución a este problema de imagen?

    We must wait for the fix! See above! I hope some bugs are fixed now!

    I also hope that this will not be the last word! Is there MS behind it? Maybe MS or Asobo just want to keep complaints away? Or should it just be a way to restore the previous version when there are so many bugs? How this is lived remains to be seen. However, it can be guessed that the path for third-party providers will be a bit trickier ...

    As I said earlier, the Sim works better in the "save mode", this also rolled back the Garmin update to the previous version!!! :D

    Don't be surprised, that also was WU6! Asphalt road to a star?

    For information: Today I had the first CTD since WU6 and I got the question when restarting whether I want to fly in safe mode. This is probably new. Third-party providers etc. are excluded. Although my community folder is without entries, everything worked a little better in this mode. ;) You get this ask also in the next start, when you close the Sim via task-manager!

    Hello John! I'm not giving up, but the number of bugs is so high and clear that I don't even think it's worth mentioning. Asobo now has a lot of work to do to fix this problem, Asobo has already admitted the problem on their website. If there are bugs again after the next update, I'll check again to see if there are any. At the moment one can only wait and see. Thank you for your answer, is a great team and I really hope that your mods will be usable again in the next update!

    I just did an evening flight and realized that it doesn't make sense to talk about bugs anymore. With so many, it remains to be seen until the next fix comes. :rolleyes: ;)

    it's for crying, the great stuff here is apparently no longer accepted in the community folder. Have also tried everything, clear rolling cache, cold start, for free...

    Of course I had emptied the community folder before the update...

    At other points that Asobo did not touch during the last update, it still works...

    Example: LOWK no longer works with these mods, has been revised by Asobo, Pyramidenkogel still works...

    @ wmbdvm:

    Hi Bill! Well, it has been heavily criticized that the landing on the XBox has lost a lot of quality. Asobo promised to make up for it. I had noticed this too, but I have enough graphics power to always get to my 30 fps in Ultra.

    Hi John, I'm sure because I live here and have also flown. It is the runway for gliders and tow planes. It has also remained a grass track in the Sim visually...Do you know if Asobo will read along here? Otherwise, I'll post this elsewhere... So far I haven't found a better address, but I have to admit that I haven't explicitly searched for it... But this forum is just great and also full of enthusiasts who want great sceneries for refinement completely selflessly for download. The crew is just great! But thank you very much for your hint!

    Edit: And just for comparison: LOWK has been designed by your mods much more lovingly and carefully than by the direct provider! But it is no longer up to date because the aging 2 hangars in the east were demolished this year.

    TNX, dear John for answer!

    The next problems:

    Updated Garmin: At first the altitude settings are ok, after some minutes the input freeze to 99000 ft. But the flight was ok and stable.

    Wrong description (since update6) LOWK: The runway is grass!

    Asobo also let cars fly... (update6) near LOWK :/

    And these cars also crashed down after a time with audio noise!

    I watched this, because the autopilot of the C172s (Garmin not updated) after 20 minutes suddenly rise the Cessna up to stall...

    Can someone confirm this bug?