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    I definitely only uploaded 6 images, 1 of which I deleted in an attempt to solve this problem. Those other images in your 2nd shot are from the user gallery uploaded by other people and shoudl not effect the main upload images. If the website owner doesn't fix this I'll just delete it and create it again.

    Created this upload the other day and it all looked OK.

    When I was looking at it today there are a whole heap of screen shots I didn't add. They all say "Image Processing. The image is not ready yet, please wait a few minutes". When I edited my upload to try and fix it, I found I can only delete my own screen shots, but can't delete the dodgy screen shots. I also can't add back in the 1 of my own I deleted either.

    I only ever added 6 screen shots so not sure where these extra ones came from.

    Can you please fix this? Thanks

    Have been using the website for a while creator and while it is very user friendly for browsing and downloading, I have found a few things that I found caused me some problems as a content creator.

    1. File upload visibility. The progress bar of the file upload is so faint it is barely visible. Took me ages to work out why my files weren't uploading. I just didn't realise they were still uploading.

    2. Modifying files. When modifying files you have to make changes and individually save tab content as a separate step for each tab. This is different to the method used to create the upload initially where all data is committed with one button. This can lead to problems if you get interupted or if people are viewing the web page as you update it, as the description might say there is a new file but, the file isn't there. Also if you update the description to reflect a new file, then go and upload the file tab to upload the file, then description changes are lost when you return to the description tab. It would be nice if there was a "save changes" button that updated all the values you had changed in the various tabs. Note - The screenshots tab is one exception, as you don't need to use the save button on that tab if deleting pictures.

    3. Text formating changes are lost. When creating a new upload I often have to go into it again after I have saved it and reformat the text. Looked OK when I hit save the first time, but when I view it again, some of the formatting has changed. I now just cut and paste from a previous upload to avoid this issue, but this runs the risk I might miss updating some fo the text to reflect the new upload.

    4. It would be nice if you can select more than one aircraft type for an upload. When doing a multi aircraft upload for a particular colour theme or airline pack then you con only pick one aircraft. This means that anyone doing a search for a particular aircraft repaint won't find it unless it just happens to be the one you selected. It would be great if the aircraft selection operated more like the tags section, where you can select multiples.

    I assume you don't want the rego to appear as you have added it to the textures. If you don't want the registration to appear on the aircraft, then use the following steps.

    1. leave the rego out of the "atc_id" line in the aircraft.cfg.

    Then to get ATC to work you will have to add something for ATC to use when they contact you. It can either be the registration already contained in the texture, or a callsign.

    2. For GA aircraft add a comma to the atc_airline line. This forces MSFS to use the flight number field, when you don't have an airline.

    3. Add your registration or callsign to the atc_flight_number line.

    This is an example of and aircraft G-GBAS I did where the registration was baked into the textures, so didn't want it also coming thourgh for the atc_id line and overwriting the textured registration with the atc_id line registartion. I also wanted ATC to use the abbreviated registration GBAS rtaher thatn the full G-GBAS for greater realism. Note that the 2 characters between the quotes on the ATC line are not spaces, but null characters. Unfortuantely this forum converts them to spaces so you can't just cut and paste them from here. If you want to use them then just download one of my aircraft and cut and paste the atc_id line from the aircraft.cfg.…hi-aviation-flight-school

    atc_id = " " ; tail number

    atc_id_enable = 0 ; enable tail number

    atc_airline = "," ; airline name

    icao_airline = "" ; airline icao code

    atc_flight_number = "GBAS" ; flight number

    Had the same problem myself. All of my repaints now appear on and I didn't put them there. Their upload page has no advice that uploads can only be done with the authors permission. At least thje files appear to have been uplaoded in their entirety, who in my case includes a EULA advising they are not to be reuploaded without permission.