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    After day long experimenting to solve the problem, I started with the paid addons. The Milviz helpdesk suggested that a reinstallment of the simulator might help. I did so and after a very long installation and much to my surprise everythig worked normal again. The only difference I noticed was the location of the Community folder. It was now a bit up in the tree and was found in ... Appdata/Local/MSFSPackages/ Community. Moving the addons in was no problem. Mandatory Update 7 was not shown in the Program manager and I do not know if it was included in the update. Anyway the sim works perfectly again.

    The misery in MSFS after the lust update: Apart from the trouble with the avionics and the vfr map, I cannot play with the following Aircraft Addons: Milviz Corsair, Flying irons P-38 and Spitfire. Th loading in the World Map slows at around 90% and stops at the end. The only way to leave the game is via CTL-ALT-DEL. The addon liveries for the Microsoft T-6 Harvard do not work and probably a lot more which I could not check untill now. I am very curious if anyone has the same problems or mabe a solution. I contacted already Milviz, but they answered that they could not reproduce the failure to load. Thanks a lot for your help.

    That problem is solved. I do not know what exactly happend, but the rudder seems to be working now. I checked it on four different aircraft, two of them addon. The other problem of the missing avionics has troubled me for three full days, but I did not find a solution. The MS helpdesk has not yet ansered, so I keep my hopes on that.

    Good luck

    Hi John,

    I tried all the given solutions in the flightsimulator forums. Never did it work. I went through all the helpdesk ideas. It did not work. From the paid addons, only a couple worked. The others will probably have to wait till the next update. I checked my whole PC system for the latest updates in Windows and Geforce. All seem to be correct. But the fact still remains that all of the aircraft in the hangar do not have any avionics. You cannot turn them on or off, you cannot call them up via the keyboard. It is all very frustrating. So I am convinced that the last MSFS update must be the cause.

    Thanks a lot.

    Thank you John. I tried everything but to no avail. Your hints on utube I followed and I at least got rid of the nuisnance help functions. As last reort I sent the message to the zen helpdesk and hope they can fix it.

    After update 7 initially everything looked ok. I then loaded the Harvard pack from the store. Thereafter it was not possible to get any avionics and no VFR map. I tried everything now for about two days, but without any result. Does anybody have the same problem or know a solution? Thanks for your help.

    Yes, update 7 sure messes up quite a lot. In the F-18 I do not have any instruments or HUD and there is no way to switch them on. The throttle goes to full A/B when turning on the ground. Moving the throttle back to idle, momentarily works, then goes up to full A/B again. Taxiing the airctaft is almost impossible due to the unespected throttle movements. The language was changed and all Flight control adjustments for the HOTAS Warthog disappeared. Very annoying. I also bought the T-6 package, but that was a big failure. All the different versions cluttered up the content of the hangar and had the same cockpit enclosure, the instrument panel was almost unreadable and not at all what the real T-6 looked like, when I learned to fly. I deleted the files one day later. I hope it does not take long to repair all these failures in the sim.

    All of a sudden ATC does not answer any calls form the AI copilot. They appear in writing. I checked all settings. They all seem te be working normally except for Air Traffic Control. Doe anybody have a hint ? :) Thanks in advance.

    Thank you for the information, JohnG. I guess I will have to grin and bear it for the coming time. I hope that some of the pushers will be succesful in the future.

    How can I get rid of all the commercials? Is there a "Premium membership" in which you do not get these messages? Thanks for your help :)

    Thanks for your hint, John. I am using Thrustmaster A-10 HOTAS. I now assigned A/P on and A/P off to two different buttons and that seems to work. Also the trim problem seems to have ended after switching off the A/P. The buttons on the PFD/ ND do not work however.

    Hi John,

    I am using Thrustmaster Hotas A-10 joystick, rudder and throttle. After updating ,the trim seems to be working on any aircraft without autopilot. But in e.g TBM 90 the a/p cannot be switched off and trimming is not possible with the POV switches on the joystick. After switching off the avionics, there is (logically) no autopilot, buttrimming seems te be possble.

    I just tried MSFS but got the same message: go for a mandatory update to the MS store. There is however no update available in the store. What next?

    Thank you. I tried this but it was unsuccesful. I used the default keyboard functions.

    Since SU5 it is very difficult to fly any aircraft. I have completely emptied the community folder and use only MSFS aircraft. Any aircraft cannot be trimmed nose up or nose down. The trim indication in the cockpit seems to work but as soon as the trimming stops, the trim returns to neutral. As soon as the stick is released the plane entered a steep dive.

    The second problem is the autopilot. It cannot be disengaged. Only with the avionic master switch. But then all the avionics are gone. Is there any solution to this problem or do I have to hope for the next update?

    Thanks for your help.

    Thank you, John G for your excellent hints on cleaning up the Community folder. I did it exactly as you wrote and now MSFS seems to be working normally, except for trimming the DA 62. It is always hard nose down. It has no effect on the trimming. With my joystick or the keyboard . I cannot switch off the autopilot in DA 62 and C-172.