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    And if you REALLY want that particular plane (for whatever perverse reason), why not ask the original author to just remove the swastikas, and re-release it?

    Why is it "perverse"?? Because you don't like it?? It is historically correct at that time, and if you or anyone else has a problem with it, keep scrolling.

    Don't misunderstand me either, I know and understand what it signifies. But at the same time, if I paint a plane, I'm going to paint it as it is/was at that time. The paint should not be censored.


    As for sharing your files, it should be good to go as is when you upload it. Meaning, no one has to edit anything. It's just drag and drop, or copy/paste. Your upload should have all the edits needed. If you download one of my paints (or anybody else's), check out how the files are structured. As said, no one should have to edit anything, including any .cfg file. Just to be clear, all liveries are standalone files.

    Not sure of your definition of "sharing". Are you looking for someone to test your paints, to see how they look before uploading?? If that's the case, what you're looking for are "Beta" testers. These are people willing to download your paint and scrutinize/critique it. Let you know what needs to be fixed/edited, and what not.

    I'd suggest you start a new thread... "Beta testers needed"... Then explain that you need them to check out your paints or what not. As well, if you have any takers, you need to have a decent way of sharing your files with anyone that comes aboard.

    My first critique... get rid of those horrible/ugly blue/green formation/slimes!!

    I've always included a "Read me" for anything and everything I've ever uploaded since FS-95. Basically, instructions on how to install it and use it. And if need be, what edits that you may need to make for whatever I've uploaded. I do this to make it easier for everyone from noobs to experienced people that download and install stuff. I see no reason to make it a hard task for people to download and install something that I've, or someone else has developed. It's not good, and some will shy away from that upload or modder.

    Boy am I happy I started this thread. I found that 3 of my F-15 paints were available there, no matter my read me. Contacted the host provider, and in 24 hours, all were removed. I've also included in the "legal" section, that nothing I release can/should be uploaded to that site. We'll say see how that works out.

    I have a lights mod for the DCDesigns F-15. Where do I upload it exactly?? I was thinking the "livery" section, but am unsure. Not everyone looks at all the other options, I don't think.

    Hey mate, right now they are uploading it to the DC Designs F-15 section of Military paints. Try that.

    Where are you in the world with such a great speed?

    I'm in the United States, Nebraska.

    You CAN still fly, but only in cached areas. You can specify which area/areas you want to store downloaded on your HDD/SSD, and provided they aren't too huge, you can fly them with the servers down.

    Thank you for that. I didn't think it was possible. Now, how to figure out how to set that up.

    I'm 100% digital. But I have to side with ToyneFire a bit. I'd like to have discs so that if the servers are down I can still fly. If they are down, or my internet is down, I can't fly. It sucks mostly as a developer. Checking your paints and you can't fly, puts it off a few hours to a day.

    I have my own opinion on game/simulator, that I'll keep to myself. As for min specs, I kill all of them. My internet speed is above 750mbs.

    I honestly don't know how the disc version works for flying and updates. That said, I don't know if you still need an internet connection to fly if you buy the discs. Mine is digital/internet, and I hate it. I would love it if it was like FS2004/FSX where you can install the game on a hard drive and play it at will. With the digital/internet version, you are tied to having a good internet connection and them having their servers up and running. If your internet is down, or the servers are down, you can't fly.... period!!

    Depends on where you live. Some Countries have access to the disc version, others are internet only. Countries that are internet only rely on a good internet connection, as well as the servers being up and running. And yes, they do go offline quite a bit.