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    Just a thought. Going back an update or two, one of them had created a "new" community folder and official folder on my windows explorer tab. When it did that the community folder in the sim "did not work at all". Crazy, but true. So, for a while I just used the community folder right there on the explorer tab list. Then, another update happened and then nothing in the community folder on the explorer tab worked and therefore no mods showed up in the sim. So, just on a whim I dropped a mod into the community folder in the sim location (as it should be) and it worked. So, put the rest in and they all are fine. Then I deleted the community folder and the official folder on the windows explorer tab list and now all is just peachy. So, having said all this, ensure you are using "a" community folder that works. You may have several and don't know it. After this happened I just simply made a "shortcut" to the community folder on my desktop. No problems since, even with this funky new SU5. All is well now except for the few remaining bugs supposedly to be fixed with SU6 which will add to a new list for SU7, etc, etc. etc..... Hope this might help.... Also make sure the mods you are adding do not need to be purchased first and then add the mods that go with the purchase later on. Sometimes I miss that little idea.

    That's similar to my experience, and I had to track the folder down...

    Here's how I did it:

    Here's what I did:

    For the past year, I haven't really been into flight sim... Never tried to install mods until after Sim Update 5.

    Most guides have a person enable Dev Mode and look for "Watched Bases"... As far as I can tell, that no longer works because my game doesn't have that as an option in Dev Mode... I had a directory that was created by the sim with the appropriate looking folders in it... But nothing placed into the community folder would show up in the sim. I purchased the game from Steam and installed in a custom location.

    So, here's what worked for me, and the normal caveats of your mileage may vary apply... Just because it worked for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

    1.) Download and install a program called WinDirStat... It's a program I have used previously to track down just what the hell was chewing up the most space on my drives. It's available from

    2.) Scan all drives... Depending on how much storage you have used, this may take a few minutes. *DO NOTHING ELSE FROM THIS POINT FORWARD* Do not close WinDirStat.

    3.) Start and run FS2020...

    3a.) Download something from the in-game marketplace... Something free will do just fine, but I had to purchase an aircraft to download as I had already installed everything that was free... I may have been able to remove something and check on things.

    4.) Once that download has finished, go back to WinDirStat and press the "Refresh All". This will start the scan all over again.

    5.) In the table look for the "Last Change" heading. Drill down to the most recent directory.

    Low and behold, I find a folder in the main directory of my Steam games drive labeled "MSFS" with subdirectories of "Official" and "Community". "Official" has 137GB of data in it... So I dropped a mod into the companion "Community" directory and it worked just as expected.

    It was located at X:\MSFS\Community

    I've seen other people having this issue, and it's a bit of a n00b problem, but a problem nonetheless.

    Hope this helps someone.

    You can locate the current location for the community folder to try and find it.

    Enable Developer mode in the options for MSFS, and then on the dev menu, access Tools ->Virtual File System. Then expand "Watched Bases", and in there you should be able to see where MSFS is loading addons from, which could show you the new locations.

    SU5 removed "Watched Bases" from there.

    I'm having the same issue, and I can't find any other location for the "Community" folder aside from in the AppData\Roaming\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Packages\Community

    I'm having the same issue. I drop the H135 folder into the community folder and ensure that it is not zipped or buried under several levels of folders, and it doesn't show up in MSFS.

    I have also tried using MSFS Add-Ons linker using several different youtube videos as demonstration, and the addon aircraft don't show up.