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    I don't really see how else they can do it. There's simply too much content for everyone to get their mod in the semi permanent spotlight.

    There's a scenery map so anyone making geographical searches will find your mod, and I always create a thread on the official forum linking to it so it turns up in searches there.

    LODs are not currently a problem because they haven't implemented them for PC. There is no SU5 issue with them. There certainly would've been if they'd been put in place.

    If they do do it then I will guess 90% or more of mods here with any 3d models will become vanishfests as most developers haven't bothered using multiple LODs as one has always worked fine. Including me.

    Judging by Asobo's LOD models, which have been put in place with SU5, the LOD 0 model disappears from view within a handful of metres even for the big stuff. If you don't have more LOD models beyond the prime one no one sees anything.

    Speaking for myself if LODs are forced on PC then I'll delete any mod with more than a handful of 3d models. I would need to remake over a thousand models. I can think of considerably better things to do with whatever time I have left on Earth than that.

    I am indeed. I can't think of one that's been broken by it. A lot of developers have been complaining about their processes being broken, but not the existing outputs.

    My sample size might be piddling but I probably have enough of it to notice. Like I said if the Xbox LOD thing had been forced on PC most mods here would be instantly useless and most would be abandoned, but they decided not to do it at the very last moment.

    Many an aircraft on the other hand was broken by it. The payware developers had to motor to get them working again. Not sure about the freeware aircraft.

    I'm not really sure why they added the humongous SU5 banner to scenery files. I can't think of a single one that was broken by it. It just makes downloaders a bit nervous and scenery makers a bit annoyed.

    It's always the world updates that kill my mods.

    It was a different case for aircraft.

    If they had implemented the LODs like they did for the Xbox 90-95% of scenery mods here would've been made instantly useless. Which is maybe why they didn't do it.


    I use Opera most of the time. I just tested it on Microsoft Edge and the same thing happens.

    It only happens when the text box is longer than the visible page, but it's guaranteed to happen when it is. If I hit backspace in the middle of a line that's been written it stays put. If it's to delete an empty line it returns to the top.

    With Enter it's usually both circumstances.

    This one -

    You can barely get a paragraph into it and you can't see the ends of your sentences at the top.

    As for the other issue that can't be screen shotted. Just write a project description longer than the visible text box and then backspace and you'll see the page return to the top every time.

    This is on a 15.6 laptop screen. Maybe it's not so on larger ones.

    Will a few of the aspects of writing on here be tweaked at any point?

    At the moment the email window is too small with a prominent send button that obscures the text in the top right corner.

    When filling in project details you can't do a straightforward copy and paste. Also if a project's text is long every time you hit backspace the page automatically moves back to the top and only returns to the position you want lower down when you delete or add something.

    Put an exclusion rectangle in there and tick the exclude car parking option. I can't remember the exact wording. You won't see the absence of cars until you build the package, put it in your community folder and return to it.