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    Hi John, sorry to trouble you again but still having some issues when setting up the yoke.

    I have installed which is a FREE Visio alternative to see if that will help.

    The main issue at the moment is that I have assigned the throttle, propeller and mixture levers in my yoke. In the past, and certainly with x-plane I didn't have to do anything else but it seems, at least from, my experience, that in MSFS it is necessary to be in cockpit mode, select whichever control needs adjusting and by holding the control with the mouse I can then alter it with my yoke. I did find similar problem when selecting engine start as I had to select which engine I wanted.

    I noticed this yesterday when tying to a landing test when I found I could not control the speed of the aircraft no matter how I changed the throttle lever. I must admit it took a bit of time for me to realise what the HUD engine image was telling me. This was when using the DA62 or the Beechcraft which are of course both twin engine turbo props.

    It may be that I am completely wrong in this assumption so if you have any guidance you can give it would be greatly appreciated.

    It seems that MSFS works in a totally different way to x-plane.


    Thanks John, all very useful. One thing I have learned from the videos is how to test assignments whilst in the sim rather than always coming out. Hit upon this by error but didn't know it was a feature I could use.

    I think I will try and search for a list of recommended assignments and then edit that to my own needs rather than just dipping in and out.

    Hi John, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the video isn't for the Cessna version of the yoke.

    Had the following reply from Logitech.

    Hi Mr. Purkiss,

    Thank you for the update and we are glad to know that the panels are working fine now with MFS2020. In regards with your new issue, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot guarantee the compatibility of Flight Cessna Yoke in MFS2020 as the drivers and software for this Saitek Legacy Device have not continued to be supported.

    This is disappointing for me as the yoke works fine with x-plane and also was OK with older version of FSX. I haven't checked but I wonder if retailers are advertising the yoke as compatible with MSFS.

    I had been issues with the MP & RP in MSFS and had to reset W10 and reinstall MSFS to get things working again.

    Since posting I have looked at the Control Options and have managed to get all the assignments listed but there is no image of the yoke as shown in the video. I would expect by working through the assignments I might still get the yoke working as expected.

    I am fairly sure the problem is with MSFS but there doesn't seem any way to check the installation for errors.

    If I look at Control Panel Windows lists the controller and all the buttons work. The driver shown is Saitek v7.0.7.9 dated 14/03/2011 and is a 32 bit driver. I decided to uninstall the device and drivers and get W10 to reinstall. Now if I look the driver is quoted as 21/06/2006 10.0.19041.868 signed by Microsoft.

    I have decided to start from scratch and assign all the yoke commands manually creating my own profile taking my time to test at each stage. It's going to take awhile but can't think of any alternative as I don't think you can migrate a profile from one system to another. it would be nice to be able to have an icon showing the yoke but have no idea how I would accomplish that.

    As of this moment I have the throttle and rudder/flaps commands working OK.

    I haven't as yet heard from Zendesk.

    I have been having some problems recently with the yoke. I first noticed that when trying to activate autopoilot on my Multi Panel on at least three aircraft the autopilot would disengage and would do the same even when using the aircraft panel controls.

    I did have my Logitech Extreme 3D joystick also installed but this seemed to disable MSFS from seeing the yoke so I have disconnected but I would like to be able to use as it gives more button options.

    Since then matters have got worse and after realising none of the flight controls were responding to the yoke I now find that there are no assignments for the yoke under hardware options regardless of choosing Default or the Yoke profile. The Preset Manager also has no effect. Windows 10 sees the yoke and responds to movement of the controls in properties.

    I have the Logitech plugin installed. I have also run SpadNext and FSUIPS (although both aren't really needed with the Logitech plugin installed) and that shows a response to control movement.

    I have reset MSFS2020 App but no joy.

    I have also raised the issue with Logitech & Zendesk as I am unsure as to whether this is a Logitech or MSFS 2020 problem but I am hoping that perhaps someone can offer any clues. It's almost as if the configuration file for the yoke is missing as there is no image of the yoke.

    All very frustrating.

    Quick update to say it looks as if it is just the displays that are not working. Have done some tests and the AP/NAV/ALT on the multi seem to be working and I can change frequencies on the radio panel which are reflected in the cockpit display. The flaps lever makes a sound on scren but the flaps don't actually move.

    I have now uninstalled SpadNext & FSJUIPC so just have the Logitech plugin which if I click on the shortcut tells me it is already running.

    From what I have read the non-display is linked to low power on the USB but as both panels are coming directly from the motherboard, as Logitech recommend, not sure what's happening.

    Thanks. Since posting I have been playing around with my USB cables and have found that, on my system, I need to have them both plugged into the main motherboard USB separately, they will not work when plugged into a USB hub or similar, in that case, one works and the other doesn't.

    With them plugged into the motherboard sockets I have run x-plane 11.53 with the Sparkers xsaitekpanels plugin and both work perfectly so there is no hardware issue. I also have SpadNext running but never changed any of the settings.

    As they work OK with that combination I will leave them alone and work the other USB devices around them.

    Hi, I'm Chris & I am 81 years old in the UK. Hope this is the right place to post the first time.

    I am posting in the vague hope that someone might have some suggestion as to why my Saitek Multi & Radio panels are not working since the last update where other people seem to be OK.

    I have tried using different USB ports directly from the motherboard and on each occasion, W10 detects the devices as they appear in Control Panel. I have also disconnected all other USB devices. Prior to the problem, I was using the Saitek Cessna Yoke Hub (AC powered) or an AC powered USB hub as a source. I also have SpadNext and FSUIPC installed and SpadNext runs the test sequence OK.

    I have searched the web for possible answers but a lot of the information available is a little outdated. One solution proposed was to use an AC powered USB hub without SpadNext or FSUIPC but this is more or less what I had already been using but just to check I tried just the two devices in a powered USB hub but to no avail. I have also run the USB Power Management Solution again.

    I can still use the devices with x-plane 11 so I know they aren't faulty.

    I have raised the issue with Zendesk and I am waiting for them to get back in due course.

    The panels, especially the multi-panel, are more or less essential to my enjoyment of the sim as I don't have to fiddle about with the various on-screen knobs when using autopilot which at my age are sometimes hard to see. The new method of tweaking the radio control in the update seems easier although the radio panel is much simpler :?: .

    Here's hoping!!