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    I found most of my issues related to incompatibility between the stable version of both Salty and FlyByWire 747/787 and A32X respectively.

    Switched to development versions of both and it solved most issues.

    To be fair, the sim does seem to be running infinitely quicker.

    the flybywire thing doesnt work properly, unless they have recently done an update, dont know about the salty, i dont really fly those, but it is a lot quicker, i could only run on high on my system before the update, now im maxed out on ultra, although some are saying they have downgraded the graphics so it will run on Xbox, but i dont really know about that, but it is quicker, no doubt about that..

    Well what im doing is, downloading as usual, but only installing 1 at a time, then testing to see if it works. I think thats the way to go at the minute, because you can never tell. i had a lot of mods that didnt work after the update, then Microsoft did a hotfix yesterday, and they work again, so its not necessarily the fault of the mods themselves, but what the bugs are in update 5.. Nightmare...

    hahaha, well its certainly interesting now on the servers, there i am sat at blackpool airport going through the checklists like a sad aviation geek, ready for take off in my classic 1950s Cessna 170b, then all of a sudden im getting dived bombed like im in grand theft auto =O ... hahaha oh God hahaha :P

    i had a right nightmare with the update, upshot of it all, i have had to delete 99% of my mods, including loads of scenery mods from here, or the sim would just CTD every five minutes. If you are still having trouble, then empty your community folder and see how it goes. The only mods that still seem to work are the standalone, like the FS ATC chatter, that sort of thing, but its broken nearly everything else.