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    Hey there!

    During the lockdown, I started playing the FS2020. I immediatly felt in love with the bushtrip flights. At some point I started planning my own routes with paper and a set-square, which I then flown with the Savage Cub. But this was very time consuming and not really accuarte. Allthough I did not think about geomagnetism...

    As an app developer, I wanted to do this easily and comfortable on the iPad or iPhone. So Daedalost was born as a hobby project.…XiBfIh6rtEmnkBYRAIPquEh57

    The aim was to have a "simple" accessible app if you just want to fly more precisely. There are (so far) no elevation maps, weather information or expert infos. All in all, I made the app for what I enjoy most: Flying!

    The app can be used free of charge (limited features) and only contains a single in-app pruchase for a fair price (One beer 🍺). No tracking, no subscriptions, no further costs. I am really not interested in I said. It is my hobby project. But I think and hope some of you will like it:

    I would be happy to give feedback on the app, because as I said, I am far from a flight expert.

    An Android Version is currently not planned. Maybe there will be, if the iOS version becomes popular. But for now there is just no time for that.

    Greetings from Munich 🍺🥨,