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    Thanks JohnG.

    I was hoping to take the lazy way out and have some intermediary software do all this for me.

    Someone at one of the Flight Sim websites told me a while ago that he believed someone was working on a package something like this.




    Not sure if this is the right spot for this inquiry. Pls advise if I should re-direct it.

    I have acquired Honeycomb's Yoke and Throttle Quadrant. Both beautifully engineered and easy on the eyes.

    The Throttle Quadrant is back in the box and has been replaced by my older - though far more limited CH Pro Throttle. The Honeycomb unit was just too complex, particularly if changing aeroplanes and moving from single engines to the B747-8i.

    Is anyone aware of any software in the pipeline that would instal between MSFS and the software on board the Honeycomb Throttle in this case. and take all of the sweaty palms associated with reconfiguring the throttle from type to type?

    Ergo, you have just parked your C172 and now plan to fly YSSY - EGLL direct in your new B748i, so you find the B748i in the intermediate software, click on it, and it discards the 172 settings and sets up the Honeycomb levers and switches for the Boeing. - 4 thrust levers and reversers, spoilers, flaps, trim wheel etc plus a standard array of switches.

    If you decided the B787 instead, it would activate the thrust levers from #1 and #2 engines, and inhibit the other pair (even though they remain fitted to the hardware.

    Anyone any ideas pls?