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    Hello Everyone, I would simply ask our fine hard working "Creators" to remember that NOT everyone uses the A32NX. Some use the Asobo A320 and are proud of it. So what I ask is that when you as "Creators" develop and distribute your fine quality work that you also make it "A320NEO" default compatible so we can ALL enjoy your work. The A32NX, nice as it is, gets wayyyyyy to much credit. I will admit that starting out the defaults were basically "crap" and because we were all used as the "beta" team it has for the most part been fixed. However, the A32NX has issues as well admittedly seemingly caused in some part by the updates. But, if it can't keep up then it as well becomes "crap" as it did for me at least. When I dumped it many of my (own) issues went with it. I find that keeping the sim in general as "vanilla" as possible is the way to go. Yes, I have some mods. But when I find new issues after installing one, it becomes "crap" to me and it's gone - even if I paid for it. They either work for (me) or they don't. In any case, making your creations "default worthy" should be easy enough and should cause no problems - hopefully. So, for the REST of us, we would very much like to use your mods if you care enough to make them MSFS compatible and not only A320NX compatible. Many, many thanks to ALL for your long hours and detailed attention. I would just like to partake in some of them as well.

    Sorry guys, but I think this is a whole lot being said about nothing. I don't mind waiting for FREE - particularly when it actually turns out to be a quality product. Unfortunately, that's not always the case, but none the less the "crap" was free as well. I have given that other side much thought myself. Who is paying for this and how? I can't even begin to imagine the cost let alone the time by "someone or something". But, it's FREE. I tend to contribute to quality but that's a choice; so still free. Myself I can't remember waiting more then 20 seconds for a FREE download. I have stood in many, many lines: sometimes hours and then had to PAY for it at the end. I can wait 20 seconds for FREE. I understand it may not be happening elsewhere; if that's the case then shop elsewhere. Simple!

    Not sure if this is proper in here but I have 3 Saitek FIPs and one Saitek Radio Panel for sale - $75 each - free shipping continental US. Only 6 months old - new excellent condition. I just needed to downsize to make room on my desk. If interested PM me. I hope I didn't break any rules. This is a marvelous sight and I don't want to upset the apple cart. :S

    That must be the way it's set up I guess. I had to reboot the pc and now everything is working correctly except that the 32NX is a race car now but all the others are fine the way they that I need to give them just a tad throttle to get them to move and then they taxi fine on idle at 16GS. Just have to live with it. Maybe the next update will fix it. Thank you.....

    Can anyone give some insight: After SU5 we constantly were told by ATC that we were at the incorrect altitude in ALL airplanes. Supposedly that has been fixed. I believe I have been using the A320NEO and the NX and have not heard that. Today I used an add on Mod, a A320NEO, Eastern Airlines Old Livery which I like. But I got the incorrect altitude crap. Does that mean maybe that this particular Mod is not SU5 compatible? It is suppose to be. Just curious......

    I had been having problems with the A321 from PMG not working properly. Most notably the door buttons. They said they fixed them but mine never worked after SU5. And I was having other "werdo things" as well. So on a whim I removed the A321 from the Community folder and now all is working well with one exception I will write when finished this post. I really liked the 321 but it has issues I think. I didn't like the quality of the way the doors "fitted" either actually, but in that they didn't work, maybe that went hand in hand. What do I know. My next little question will be posted next. That is the "incorrect alt" issue after SU5 which Asobo said they fixed.

    All so true. If you turn on and use the AI Co-Pilot (he or she) will answer to your call sign for you. If you want to respond yourself, then you need to turn off the AI Co-pilot so he doesn't beat you to the punch, and use the ATC menu from the selection bar at the top of your screen on the tool bar. Just select the ATC icon and then select your response. However, you CAN NOT speak yourself directly ( unless you use VATSIM) or some other like that. The responses are designed to answer anything the AI atc has to say to you assuming it even requires a response. There are other choices as well; such as requesting alt change etc.....

    Haven't seen it for MSFS. Did have for FSX. There are a few things like that missing with MSFS one being that I liked in particular and I guess it goes to the same question is the wing view missing when looking out the left cockpit window. At night see the lights blinking, but no wing. FSX illustrated that nicely. I miss that..... :S

    Has anyone observed that since the recent major A32NX update the A32NX taxis quite fast a full idle? Mine taxis at about GS28 if I just let it rip. Have to keep on the brakes. Anyone else? I use to have it set in the sensitivity where I would have to give just a little throttle to taxi. Not now. If I fix the sensitivity for this then the others will need a lot of throttle to taxi, just guessing at this point. Now I'm in a pickle. It's a few hours later. Just tried the 32NX and now it goes to full throttle at start up. Tried rebooting; sensitivity etc and nothing fixed it. Have to look into that. The NEO works just fine.....

    Generally you may not now or ever. Depends on your PC and how IT generates YOUR color palate. Plus those pics (which is the same answer) were made with God knows what high power machinery. I couldn't afford it. I need a house first!

    Gang, maybe me not too smart, but I have been using the FBW A320NX for awhile, Stable ver. Actually have had it in and out twice for various reasons ( I didn't like what was happening ) and none the less the same thing is happening. I just reinstalled it with the DEV ver and samo...... so I switch back to the Stable and so here is my issue...... it's probably me, BUT I do not have and never have had functioning MFD or PFD. They say not available or something to that effect. Are they suppose to work? I assume they are. They work in my Default A320 very nicely; my A321 very nicely and the A330 very nicely. That's all I fly of any consequence so that's my issue. Why don't they work in the A32NX? Is it me, or they just don't work? Please don't tell me I have to use the CDU, that would make me nuts. Actually, tell me, at least I'll know. Thanks guys...

    You got it.... my misunderstanding. That I have no clue if it's at all possible to mark them. I have been communicating one on one with the creators to ask them if they are and if not will they be soon or at some point. So far, that has been my method.

    This can really get confusing. Most mods are free - must be unzipped and the "correct" unzipped file only placed into the correct 'community' folder. I say correct community folder as I know from first hand experience that some "bad" install may create a community folder on the windows explorer list. That is not the correct community folder. The correct one is at the end of the path that you have specified. If you have "several community folders" I would suggest that you delete the ones you find invalid. You may place a shortcut on your desktop to link to the correct community folder for easy access.
    Also, all the mods on this sight are free. Many times, and not to confuse the issue, but you may if you wish donate to the creator. However, some of these mods REQUIRE that you purchase the main aircraft title in question to have the additional mods function "at all". This is explained in all cases just under the big picture of the mod in question on this sight.

    If you have mods that are NOT working then they are in the wrong community folder OR you need to purchase the title in question and install IT first then slide in the free mods.

    This being said, having the mods even in the community folder many times also says that they may not work as expected, but they should certainly show up in one fashion or another. I myself have found increasingly better to reboot after being in the community folder. I have never seen that suggested anywhere else; but for me it seems that things just work better after being in there to reboot after, especially after removing or dropping off a mod. Hope this may help you....not much else can be said I don't think.... ahhhh yes there is one more tid bit......... must also now be SU5 compatible <X

    Anyone using the PMP A321-200 mod? I am having problem with this beautiful mod. I use "pushback toolbar" and when I press "baggage" the cars move but the cargo door does not open. If I press the "cargo" button on pushback control button no door opens either. If I press the "aft" door button on the pushback control button ALL doors open including cargo, catering and ALL other doors. When I release the cargo loading the cars go back but the doors remain open. Then I push the "aft" button again and all doors close. Then pushing the "catering" button opens the "cargo doors" and the catering truck goes to the front closed entrance door. If I press the "aft" button to open the front door, the "cargo" door closes, the front door opens. Now, pressing the catering button returns the catering truck to park leaving the door open. Now pressing the aft button to close doors closes the front door and opens the cargo door and creates a vicious cycle that seemingly can't be stopped at that point. All else with the A 321 is just great, I think any way. Any one else with door issues with the 321? All other planes, default and mods work correctly, only the 321 has issues. Using the Dev ver of the A 32nx and I see there is a Mod compatiblilty mod for the A 321 but I don't understand it at all so afraid to use it. Just looking for some clarity.

    And, another issue actually with all mods, it seems the A320 has changed from a "medium" gate to a "small" gate. Is that a fact? Sometimes even with the default which I think is now working very much correctly, if I use a medium gate, which I always have, the Jetway doesn't respond. Just another thought to ponder. Thanks for any response.