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    I had yesterday the same issue with DEM 10m Austria <-> digital design (orbx) LOWS -> airport signs, static stuff and buildings were hovering ... after diabling the DEM all worked fine... I do not think that it makes sense to change before the DACH update (Asobo)

    Dear Team

    I hope I am not the only one with my issue...

    I am flying on IVAO and like to make screenshots and videos.

    I am always looking for liveries where my personal callsign will be shown on the aircraft later on.

    There is no really quick way to see/determine if the livery is with fixed rego or changeable rego.

    (either starting the simulator with the livery and "look and feel" or by accessing the aircraft.cfg... // in MSFS you also have changeable rego aircrafts with pictures in the aircraft selection with predetermined callsigns...)

    Could you implement this kind of information/menu when people upload their liveries?

    There is no other way yet I heard of that you could quickly view this - therefore it wold be a great "service" addition to!