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    Yes i did press the question mark key w/wo shift key, no luck. This all started with the last update. Prior to that I had no assistant settings on so i could click on things and they worked. The mouse would indicate it but no graphical icon or anything.

    I think the 1st thing i'll try is check on that legacy setting, i know I've seen it before. Check back soon hopefully happy with my flyin face.

    Big thanx . . . . . . . rotate!

    Hello all, this is my first thread and unfortunately it's about a problem. A few weeks ago i had to go without internet and the last thing my pc did was a major update (#6 / 1.20.???)

    Just yesterday i got the web back so I began getting caught up with various things, one was FLY!! It didn't take long to realize I now have graphics popping up when mouse is over an interactive object with an arrow and txt like press and hold ? , question mark inside a square. nothing happens when i click on any of them and before this update #6 I didn't have those popups and I could click on this normally. Everything seems to be in order otherwise, I just do not know what they are referring to with the "press and hold ? " and the question mark is inside the box.

    I've been simming since FS98, got deep in it with 2004 with several sceneries and missions then merged into FSX. MSFS2020 is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology

    and the future for gaming.

    I think this issue might be so simple so i'll call myself a dummy right now...........DUMMY! If anyone knows anything about what's occurring with my VC, gauges and popups please help.

    Thank you for your listening.

    Thanx guys........As for the shaking, it was my controller which in any instance the Yaw or rudder was not stable when in an idle position and was causing this "wiggle" I guess more accurately describes it. In the sensitivity settings it was more or less turned off. Time to replace this 10 yr plus controller, Logitech 3D pro. It sure has seen many airmiles.

    The issue with the Nightvision is that after reading the PDF I find that the shader program in this package has been confirmed that it will not work with any version of windows except the steam version only. Solves that issue.

    Thanks so much for the quick replies and help.

    I'm sure i'll need more help as I venture around the site and continue to acquire more joyful airmiles.

    :) Rotate and enjoy...................take care.

    :!: Hello all, I'm a bush type flyer second only to helicopters. FSX had lot's and I almost didn't buy 2020 because it had none but then, FLIGHTSIM.TO...........amazing to see so much freeware on a single site. I have a believe is the 4th or 5th version of the H135.

    First thing I noticed is this version is a bit shaky, I say shakey because it's not the frame rates (29-36) but it seems like a normal helicopter vibration but a bit more at times. I mistakingly removed the prior version from my system the here they don't have archives, at least I didn't see any.

    My second help request is also with the H135 but it has to do with "Nightvision". It's a small file and I downloaded it from here. I don't think it's a "place it in comm folder" and it works type of file as with complete aircraft or sceneries. You end up with a .rar

    file and I know through sceneries I did for FS2004 and FSX I remember seeing .rar files but that's all I remember. I did see a short vid on it and all that was helpful is that he used page up and page down to activate it. It's nowhere in game config or aircraft setup

    and pgup and pgdn from the keyboard does nothing, it's hasn't been setup somewhere.

    Anyway, thanks for listening and ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Hello All from TOO HOT california, 21 minutes west of Sequoia Nat'l Park

    at 3500'. I must first say I am very pleased to finally have a system that can handle fs2020 and not at 1920x1080 as everything else but a bit less getting 22-32


    I started back in 2006 with FS2004 and flew a long time, belonged to (3)

    flightsim sites, 2 as a scenery and missions designer. Great sites, Hovercontrol, global aviation network and Alaskan Winds. As i was busy involved with 2004 I started with FSX and I am still flying FSX some. I did sceneries for 2004 and FSX all located at Avsim Library under Tim Durham.

    FS2020 makes everything feel again just as it was when I first started with 2004, a whole new adventure.

    As for sceneries and the like, I'll first be enjoying the flights in some very wonderful aircraft. My Favs, H135 snow camo and the monster truck in the sky special edition, not the 49" tires.

    I am excited and ready to start enjoying it all.

    Be safe and well and spread your wings, Savageagle.