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    I found most of my issues related to incompatibility between the stable version of both Salty and FlyByWire 747/787 and A32X respectively.

    Switched to development versions of both and it solved most issues.

    To be fair, the sim does seem to be running infinitely quicker.

    Agreed, this latest update has made my cockpits non-responsive! Managed to turn off these stupid tool tips but now my mouse won't allow me to manipulate any cockpit controls. I can't even turn the 747 battery on!


    What a kick in the guts. Hate wasting money in such a way. I honestly and in a positive way tried to engage with CS to solve these issues. No response at all. How disappointing, I used to love their 707 back in the day.

    So! There’s been a few mods that have come out in recent days and weeks that are starting to do what the late great Project A.I. did so successfully back in the day: replace generic AI models with real-world traffic.

    The thread on the most recent project which looks to have been made with a lot of time and care has brought up quite a few questions:…with-default-live-traffic

    Could be good to share what we’ve learned.

    For me, while the mod has been successfully implemented it hasn’t been able to match any airlines in the Oceania region at all, probably due to the airline codes not matching model/livery name. If anyone has any advice for making this better, let’s share our wisdom!

    Oooh boy. I got the 777-300ER from captain sc*m (a decision I am regretting on an hourly basis) and where to begin?

    While I managed to get Salty integration to work, I have absolutely no luck steering the thing around any airport. I know it’s not my system, I move the Asobo 748 in a turning circle like an Olympic gymnast. Anyone have any advice for getting this tank around an airfield? Maybe some magic setting or button I’ve somehow missed?

    Feel free to share any other tips to help make this thing of …err ‘beauty’ at least flyable.


    Hey everyone,

    This amazing community has created some brilliant and super-obscure liveries. I was a little surprised to see there wasn't a China Airlines livery for the A320. If anyone feels inspired I know so many people would love to fly this beautiful livery around Asia.