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    So... if you have the ability to perform Regular Expressions in your scripting language, the current "My Downloads" Up-to-date page content when copied&pasted as text can be parsed using
    ^ (.+)\n(.+)by (.+) Version (.+) (Updated .+)\n(.+) (.+)\n
    \2 = Package name
    \3 = Author

    \4 = Version

    \5 = Update delta
    \6 = filename

    \7 = category

    I have my automation scripting working again so I no longer need action (until some unforseen special character or package name format breaks the RegEx).


    Todd "FunnyLookingBlondHeadedKid"

    Once again, JohnG is correct. The new "look & feel" of both the overall site and the My Downloads section are nice, but by moving away from using tables to using CSS for the layout it breaks the ability effectively copy/paste the content from the "up-to-date" view for use managing add-ons in a local tool (like Excel).

    I have an entire scripted workflow from the "up-to-date" in PowerShell which renames archive files and container folders by category/geography/content such that using the wonderful "Add-in Linker" utility by Bad2000, I can easily enable/disable my add-ons by region and type of flying I wish to do prior to starting MSFS.

    This same subject was addressed in June in the New "My Downloads" layout thread.

    Reorganizing, the displayed content is more than welcome as is adding additional details so long as there is some form of delimeter between fields which can be programmatically processed.

    Thanks to the dev team for all they do making the defacto standard source for MSFS2020 community expansions. And a HUGH thanks to the entire community for all they do expanding the MS/Asobo product.

    -Todd "FunnyLookingBlondHeadedKid"

    I'm with JohnG. Moving from Table to CSS formatting causes copy/paste of details to fail.
    I use the "My Downloads" to manage my collection of add-ons in Excel which I use to generate file management powershell scripts for automating the installation and archiving of my collected freeware add-ons.

    Having the add-on name, downloaded version, author, category and filename was immensely useful for my purposes. Having the add-on name as a link to the add-on details page was also useful.

    With the distinction between "update needed" and "up-to-date" there is no need to show current/downloaded version on the "up-to-date" page. The author and filename would also not be needed on the "update needed" page allowing room to show downloaded/current version.