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    The liveries belong to the MODDERS nobody else, and of course if they wish to release them here and with or without a fee then

    they are entitled to do so.


    I'm totaly in favor of modded skins,even doing some skinning myself but i'm also an artist;photographer.

    and as sush i've learned something that could be used against CS,namely that a work of art,in any form,remains the property of the owner and may not be changed or sold for any kind of profit,not in it's original form,not after being edited,without permission of the (original) owner.

    so,are we,modders,owner after buying a sim,of all it's content(skins...) or not?that one is easy to answer;we are.

    do we have permission to change a skin(work of art) to our wishes?again the answer is Yes!

    So where could CS try to call modders to halt?verry simple;when mods of any kind and without permission of the original owner-artist are used to make profit.

    the bottom line is that you can mod as much as you want as long as you do it for free.

    there is although one point where CS wins the game:"reproductions,in any form,of an artwork may are not to be made public,not in it's original form or edited.not for free and not at paying platforms(off- or on-line)."

    but i think that an organisation in this branche that uses it's brains should welcome any form of promoting their product trough making it look better like modders do..