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    Thank you very much for your well documented answer John! :-)
    It seems to be the fault of the latest MSFS update. :-(
    Friends told me they had the same error: the two airports were, by mistake, superimposed when they are really several km apart. The second airport is moreover only a means of landing on the glacier while the Valloire Bonnenuit airport actually exists (I know it very well IRL)!
    Thanks again for your reply.
    I wish you a nice day. ;-)

    Hello everybody

    I have a problem with two airports that are at the same place. 8|

    These two airports are:
    - Valloire Bonnenuit (France)
    - Glacier Lombard (France)
    These two airports are in the location of Valloire Bonnenuit. So the second one is not at the good place. :cursing:

    The he second airport has a much higher altitude than the first. This is why it appears as a mountain peak, rendering both airports unusable. :huh:
    I delete all the Community file. I tried resetting MSFS then reinstalling it, nothing helps, the second airport is still in the same location. ;(

    How can I eliminate this second airport (Glacier Lombard) and thus be able to use the first airport (Valloire Bonnenuit) again?
    Thank you in advance for your answers!