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    Hi, for anyone in the UK, you can pre-order the flaps and speedbrake quadrant from, due to them on September 12th.

    So rather than paying over the odds elsewhere, give those guys a shout like me, you may be able to acquire one...

    11 isn't finalized and isn't ready for release yet, and I expect that Asobo etc will hold off making any op sys specific changes until 11 is finalized.

    True, but from what I've read, it's supposedly slated for an October release, so it can't be too far away. Other people in the industry have also said that what is available now is pretty much the OS that will come, as you say, there must be changes to expect, otherwise a whole lot of gamers have non-compatible cpu's...

    I'd hold off upgrading now personally.

    I'm in the United States, Nebraska.

    Thank you for that. I didn't think it was possible. Now, how to figure out how to set that up.

    Then you guys get great speeds, I'm on a very good average consumer deal, last time I checked it was about 260mbps,

    And of course the up and down is about 17 and 40-60, so it'd also be interesting to hear what your speed test results average out as too?

    General consensus is that 11 is the same as 10 with tweaks, first thing to find out is compatibility with your system, there was a hard and soft floor thing, think that was amended though, the TPM thing is worth reading up on, I did see that someone on YouTube mentioned gamers couldn't upgrade.

    But please do some research to get the current facts about 11, we'll all end up there eventually, but right now you may not be able to use it for this and maybe other games.

    I'm 100% digital. But I have to side with ToyneFire a bit. I'd like to have discs so that if the servers are down I can still fly. If they are down, or my internet is down, I can't fly. It sucks mostly as a developer. Checking your paints and you can't fly, puts it off a few hours to a day.

    I have my own opinion on game/simulator, that I'll keep to myself. As for min specs, I kill all of them. My internet speed is above 750mbs.

    I totally get his point, it'd be great to chuck a disc in and just get on with it. Mostly that's what I do, I have both PS5 variants, the digital is pretty much gonna be just for Gran Turismo 7, in a shed, with a race seat hopefully, so no disc spinning and maybe a YouTuber is born!

    But I'm mostly against going all digital as an industry, can't take my game to a friends house, gotta take the whole machine, no second hand market, etc...

    Where are you in the world with such a great speed?

    10 DVDs don't go anywhere near to containing the whole world data, which occupies 2 petabytes (a lot, in case to don't know what a petabyte was). 10 double sided DVDs will give you just 80.5 Gigs. If you have lots of data storage on your PC that you don't want to use for anything else, you can fill it up with locally cached data, so provided you only want to fly locally around one airport, you could manage without a high speed internet connection.

    Even if they do change their policy, if you go for the month by month rental, you will only need to worry about going to the disks or the download version if they should change their policy. However, your Game Pass gives you access to nearly all Xbox software for that $1 a month, and a lot of that it also available for the PC.

    As for your key, it's part of your Microsoft account, and if you delete it from your PC, it is still owned, and you can put it back on your PC, put it back onto a new SSD, or put it on a different PC, but only one at a time, of course.

    That's very helpful, didn't know I needed a Microsoft account, makes sense though as opposed to a vendor selling a code and it's a one time download, and with the add ons here as an example, you will end up downloading so much in the way of amended airports and scenery, with aircraft clocking up data too. Upgrading SSD's is probable for some who have many games already, and swapping from old to new.

    I am aware Gamepass offers you download and cloud services for the XBox Series machines, and pc games too, although I'd never have time to make use of that, maybe for a £1 monthly charge for this game alone, it could work out well for quite a while...

    It's freaking stupid the way it is set up! Give me the discs, let me fly. What is so hard about that? I don't need all the eye candy, I do like it. But the game is that, a game. It is nowhere close to being a simulator. John G, do you post, just to post?

    Guess it's called simulator for a reason though, what option have you chose? Disc or digital?

    I agree, it'd be nice to plug and play but as John says, the data contained to give you the landscape is immense seemingly.

    And just for the record, John us providing me with good information, as I haven't yet chosen which way I'm going in acquiring the game.

    If ever you want to pass the Bravo on, I'd be interested, missed out on an Amazon drop yesterday, already have the Alpha yoke, but am after the Bravo at a reasonable near msrp...

    I honestly don't know how the disc version works for flying and updates. That said, I don't know if you still need an internet connection to fly if you buy the discs. Mine is digital/internet, and I hate it. I would love it if it was like FS2004/FSX where you can install the game on a hard drive and play it at will. With the digital/internet version, you are tied to having a good internet connection and them having their servers up and running. If your internet is down, or the servers are down, you can't fly.... period!!

    I believe you require an internet connection to play the game regardless.

    ...Which is utter horse poo...!

    10 discs make up the disc version, and 10 discs are required to install the data, and you do need disc 1 in your drive to play the game (probably spins up from time to time?) from what I've read. As mentioned, internet for updates is again required to solve the issues that may arise, also regardless of what version.

    So you could run the gamepass version for years before it became more expensive than buying it outright!

    Very true John, but then you're at the mercy of Microsoft, and of course they could change or withdraw this plan at any point.

    So maybe I'm leaning towards a paid in full download edition. But I'd have to ask about what happens if any failure occurs, can I recover my download key to go again...?

    If you'd like to "suck it and see", you can use an Xbox account to get the whole of the sim for just $1 per month, by download, for your PC, so if you don't think that you'll be using MSFS2020 in however it would take to pay off for the Sim in $1 tranches, you could try it out, and if you like it, keep paying the $1. If you'd prefer something different, just stop paying the $!.

    Interesting point John - thanks for your reply too, I'm a Sony guy, but I did hear something about that, as it also goes to Gamepass as well?

    Regarding your second point, I did check the chart out previously, that's why I've got 32gb 3600mhz, a 5950x and a 3090 coming tomorrow, so I've gone big!

    I believe the download is available around £75, the disc is £110, both as Premium editions which I'm more than likely to choose.

    MSFS also downloads the scenery from the internet, so you most likely need an internet connection anyway I think?

    I could be wrong though, the discs might have all the data loaded.

    Thanks for your reply Skyystorm!

    Indeed, I've probably already downloaded half of the site here in preparation of getting MFS 2020, but continued updates will of course require internet.

    I'd assume the disc comes as a set standard, probably all encoded as a default. Bug ridden!

    Hi there Marine1, thanks for the reply - I'm in the UK, with supposedly a good Internet speed through my provider, although we all know what's quoted is not what you get...!

    So what would your opinion be from both options being available to me?

    I personally like the digital option, with no disc spinning in the background.

    Still open to opinion though.

    So, after securing a 3090 FE this week, it'll soon be time to complete my pc build and start flying!

    The question I have is, what's the best option for the game? I've read that you always have disc 1 running if you buy disc, how about the digital version? Does it solely rely on the Internet connection to run?

    However, I don't actually have a disc drive in my pc currently, just 2 nand m2 ssds and a 2.5 ssd, all of which are 1TB.

    Any information will be appreciated!


    Mig-28? MIG-31 Firefox? MIG-37 Ferret? MIG-242? Am I getting close?…craft-that-inspired-them/

    If it's one of these, than it'll tell you what it's based on, and that gives you a handle on whether it really looks like it's inspiration, perhaps you should be looking for that rather than a model for a non-existent plane. Just a thought.

    Yep, it's one of them, and as mentioned below...

    Yep, that's what I'm after, I did search on the internet, but this page never appeared, so thank you very much!

    ...Now all I need is a graphics card and the game itself...!