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    had the same problem for 3 days. Figured out the problem for me was with the Game Bar update failing to update completely.

    Rather than uninstall MSFS2020, I uninstaller the Game Bar, and after 4 0r 5 attempts to reinstall, all unsuccessful, I just left it nagging and went away for an hour. When I came back in great frustration, and it was still hanging with an ERROR message, I shut the reinstall attempt down and immediately got a message saying the reinstall was complete. WTF!!!

    But it had reinstalled. So MSFS2020 opened normally, and I progressively added my stuff back to the Community folder, and all has been OK for the last 3 days. But I expect further problems. Besides this issue, I have done 3 complete reinstalls of MSFS2020 in the last 6 months. I now have the program guts installed on my SSD "D" drive, and that drive is cloned to a backup HDD. So hopefully I won't have to download the whole thing again. Maybe just the small exe that goes on the C drive.

    Shame really, such a brilliant program, spoiled by such a complicated and arcane delivery system. Cant live with the problems, nor do without the program.

    same problem, all caused no doubt by that major update a few days ago. Must remember not to update in hurry. I always want to be first to install updates. Big mistake.

    Tried numerous times to escape the Game Bar update block, no luck.

    I will uninstall the whole thing, saving my Community Folder on my desktop, and start again. And I still have the zip files for my addons.

    This will be my 3rd complete re-intall of msfs in 5 months. Getting very passed off. Not helped by woefully slow download speeds in Australia. But what can I do....can't live with it like this and can't live without it. Shame on Asobo and Microsoft.