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    Hello Luca...

    I am very interested in learning how to import sceneries into Fs2020. I have spent many hours trying to import a small amount of scenery using the

    Google Earth Decoder. I have had zero success.;(....

    After much searching I have not been able to find a working step by step tutorial.

    I have followed and watched the popular video many times by Flying Theston on YouTube titled " Easily bring in Google Maps Photogrammetry Data into Flight Simulator 2020 with Google Earth Decoder" without success.

    Hopefully you or others in the community can help write a tutorial for beginners to accomplish this task.

    I would think many people would be interested in doing this especially for their local area and greatly add to the overall add-on library .

    Thank you very much,


    Name is Tom and located in Cincinnati, Ohio

    I have a 6dof motion simulator and use a Hp Reverb hmd

    I am interested in importing my own scenery maps from Google.

    I hope to learn how to do it correctly with help on this forum.

    Best wishes

    tom p.