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    Has anyone observed that since the recent major A32NX update the A32NX taxis quite fast a full idle? Mine taxis at about GS28 if I just let it rip. Have to keep on the brakes. Anyone else? I use to have it set in the sensitivity where I would have to give just a little throttle to taxi. Not now. If I fix the sensitivity for this then the others will need a lot of throttle to taxi, just guessing at this point. Now I'm in a pickle. It's a few hours later. Just tried the 32NX and now it goes to full throttle at start up. Tried rebooting; sensitivity etc and nothing fixed it. Have to look into that. The NEO works just fine.....

    yes the A32NX picks up speed pretty quickly just as the real A320neos do. Pilots say that they just leave the aircraft on idle during the entire of the taxi and once at 30 knots gs they brake to 15 knots gs and then let it accelerate on idle again

    Had a similar issue back in November. Can't remember exactly what I did but I think I uninstalled the file that confirms you own it and the xbox app and then reinstalled all of it and I think thats how I fixed it but can't guarantee. Another time I reset my pc and that fixed it but that is pretty extreme

    You can set your ETA to any date within the next 60 days. We increased this from previously 30 days to 60 days.

    You can postpone your ETA as often as you like within this period - but not more than 60 days back.

    If the ETA elapses by more than 10 days without the request being marked as completed or postponed, the 200 karma penalty applies.

    We will soon improve the requests page in general and also make this more clear.

    Thanks 60 days is already a massive improvement

    If I understand correctly: when you initially accept the request, you can set an expected release date that is in more than 30 days (for ex in 3 months) without penalty. If realize you can't make it, you can then push back the date by less than 30 days without penalty. You can do the latter indefinitely.

    Is that correct ?

    No, your initial date also has to be within 30 days but the rest is correct

    Yeah, I commonly push the date if I see I won't make the final release. At least that way if people check it they can see that the dates is further away now. The 30 day limit is semi-annoying, especially if you were to pick up a request for a large airport or complicated aircraft.

    The 30 day thing is annoying but it is what it is and at least we can push it back because if we couldn't we would see a lot of half-baked products all over as you would have to release within those 30 days to not get a penalty

    But I understand that you can get an extension if you ask for it before the time has expired (mods comment please?)

    You can just change the date again at any time before the date that was previously set to another date which needs to be within 30 days of your current date…ier-lombard-fix-fsdesigns
    Fix is up! Have fun!

    Hello everybody

    I have a problem with two airports that are at the same place. 8|

    These two airports are:
    - Valloire Bonnenuit (France)
    - Glacier Lombard (France)
    These two airports are in the location of Valloire Bonnenuit. So the second one is not at the good place. :cursing:

    The he second airport has a much higher altitude than the first. This is why it appears as a mountain peak, rendering both airports unusable. :huh:
    I delete all the Community file. I tried resetting MSFS then reinstalling it, nothing helps, the second airport is still in the same location. ;(

    How can I eliminate this second airport (Glacier Lombard) and thus be able to use the first airport (Valloire Bonnenuit) again?
    Thank you in advance for your answers!

    Thank you very much for your well documented answer John! :-)
    It seems to be the fault of the latest MSFS update. :-(
    Friends told me they had the same error: the two airports were, by mistake, superimposed when they are really several km apart. The second airport is moreover only a means of landing on the glacier while the Valloire Bonnenuit airport actually exists (I know it very well IRL)!
    Thanks again for your reply.
    I wish you a nice day. ;-)

    Currently trying to patch up a quick fix, will keep you updated on how it goes

    I'm glad to see that you are already posting your work here. Thank you for that.

    And as you are already "on strength" here, why don't you have a look of what we have asked to be developed - in

    That said, if you decide to take on any of the challenges there, we will expect you to post your results on our site for all users to download.

    Fair enough?

    Yep, Molde ENML is already a request being worked on, taking some time but getting there Molde Airport » Requested | Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Hey everyone!

    We are FSDesigns, now you might ask "who is that?" well we are a group of developers working on scenery/addons for both MSFS and XP11. We try to make these addons as accurate/detailed as they can be and as good as they can be and have now been working on scenery for 6 months with 2 sceneries released and 2 in the works.

    For MSFS (which most of you here probably care about more)

    For XP11

    We also have our very own website and discord where you can keep up with all the latest news

    FSDesigns (

    Join our discord

    Want to join us on our venture to make some of the best MSFS and XP11 addons/sceneries? Then do not hesitate to send in an application Join the team

    Thank you for reading and thanks for all the support, if you have any suggestions please leave a reply below and the one with the most :thumbup: will have the highest chance of being worked on next or the one we like most out of them ;) (please only small to medium airports, we don't have the man power to do Heathrow or something 8o )

    Wish you all a good day and happy flying!

    FlightSimmer7700, CEO and developer for FSDesings