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    Thanks for suggestions

    I actually used it in good airports of india that are usually busy and also in eham amsterdam but i was able to find only 1 or 2 klms ;) I will see about other two addons u told .

    I actually use ivao altitude and live match mod from is that an issue.

    Also should i keep the settings to realtime online or ai offline (I kept it in realtime online while in game Its crct right??)

    Thanks ^^ ^^ ^^

    Hi i have set everything to realtime and the planes populate in live airport activity . But on airport only very few traffic is showing.

    Any fix for this . Can we integrate fr24 or make this more traffic :)

    • Greetings my friends,

      I recently have problem of having black screen in cockpit (Airbus models) (Boeing is doing it good no issues) display where we see the attitude , speed , hdg etcc....

      Also installed extra airbus aircrafts like a350-900 , a380-800 , a321 , a319 . Will it be due to that ??thumbnail=1

      I am appending a pic of it can anyone suggest possible fixes.