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    Thomas Ruth built one for FSX, which is available over at, so if you could find someone interested in doing the conversion, and could get permission from Thomas Ruth to use his intellectual property, you could be in business. Many of the planes we currently have are "ported" FSX models, so it's not an impossible task for someone with the skill set.

    Fair enough, though he isn't present really on the internet much anymore from what I can tell. Also I have no skill whatsoever creating content for Microsoft Flight Simulator so I'd be 100% reliant on someone else


    If like me you may have been slightly disappointed by the fact that Toronto's largest airport Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) wasn't getting made for FS2020 as a handcrafted airport and rather it's little brother Billy Bishop (CYTZ) you might be wondering "Why is that?" and I ask the same question to myself frequently.


    I ask you this simple question:
    Is any developer creating an addon that makes Toronto Pearson restored to it's real life glory?

    Because as far as I can tell, the answer is "No", please someone PROVE ME WRONG.


    I can hear the comments already of "FlyTampa is updating their addon of Pearson from FSX and P3D to Microsoft Flight Simulator" Unfortunately I believe this to be false. I've read their website multiple times hoping to see news about an update to Pearson for FS2020, but I have yet to see it, and because of this belief that Toronto is being updated I saw some developers bin their projects of making Pearson.

    Developing Near It But Not At It:

    One last thing to just talk about, it's something that kinda annoys me. Since release of the flight sim we have seen a tonne of tiny airports around Pearson released. Airports that maybe only a few people would fly into for a regular basis, so I ask, why be a tease and just release CYYZ

    Okay I was only joking with that last part, developing scenery takes time.


    Either can someone tell me if someone is making Pearson, and if not you can sign for this request I made on the request section...…nternational-airport-cyyz

    Anyways, thank you for reading, and have a nice day.


    I did a bit of research and had no luck finding it, but I was wondering if there is (or will be) a dev team making either payware or freeware of the Airbus A310. I know there are probably more important aircraft that need to be made first, but I'm just curious, that's all.